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Asian region workshop on “capacity development for the clean development mechanism” 19-21 October 2005, AIT, Bangkok, Thailand VIETNAM DNA INSTITUTIONAL.

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1 asian region workshop on “capacity development for the clean development mechanism” 19-21 October 2005, AIT, Bangkok, Thailand VIETNAM DNA INSTITUTIONAL STRUCTURE Nguyen Khac Hieu Deputy Director General INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION DEPARTMENT MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES & ENVIRONMENT OF VIETNAM Project Director

2 1. Status before CD4CDM project and current: October 2002 -The CD4CDM project has been carried out -Viet Nam had ratified the KP -No institutions and legal framework for CDM implementation. -National Strategy Study on CDM is being implemented -Initial National Communication to UNFCCC is being carried out CD4CDM Arrangement -Implementing Agency: National Office for Climate Change & Ozone Projection, Hydro-Meteorological Service of Viet Nam -Project Director, Coordinator and Secretary -6 Working Groups to carry out 6 project tasks including 22 technical experts from related ministries, agencies including NGOs

3 Organization Chart for Implementing Project on CDM Capacity Development MONRE UNEP International Cooperation Department Project Director & Coordinator Task 1 Leader Secretariat International Experts National Technical Experts Task 2 Leader Regional Centre (AIT)

4 Status before CD4CDM project and current: DNA Establishment International Cooperation Department, MONRE Foundation: - Official Document No. 502/BTNMT-HTQT dated 24 March 2003 - Promulgating CNA of Viet Nam at COP 9 of UNFCCC, Milano, Italy, 12/2003

5 Status before CD4CDM project and current: Functions and tasks Building national assessment criteria, regulations and guidelines on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Assessing CDM projects at the national level. Submitting potential CDM projects to CDM National Executive and Consultative Board (CNECB) for evaluating them. Receiving, assessing and submitting Project Idea Note (PIN) or Project Design Document (PDD) of CDM projects to the Minister of MONRE for issuing a formal letter of endorsement or letter of approval respectively. Providing CDM information to interested investors, related organizations, consultants and public. Managing and co-ordinating CDM activities and investment in Viet Nam.

6 Establishment  Decision No. 553/QD-BTNMT dated 29 April 2003  Decision No. 813/QD-BTNMT dated 08 July 2004 CNECB in Viet Nam

7 CNECB in Viet Nam (Cont.) Members of CNECB MONRE (one chairperson, one permanent representative and one secretary) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Ministry of Finance (MOF) Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) Ministry of Trade (MOT) Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) Ministry of Industry (MOI) Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA)

8 CNECB in Viet Nam (Cont.) Functions and tasks Providing consultation to MONRE on policies related to development, implementation, management of CDM activities in the country. Providing consultation on guidance and assessment for CDM projects in Viet Nam under the Kyoto Protocol and UNFCCC. Annual meetings of CNECB: 3 times, in January, April and August.

9 MONRE CD4CDM’s Expert Team Task 1: Public information for raising CDM awareness Task 2: Capacity Development on CDM for policy makers Task 3: Establishment and capacity development for CNA Task 4: Capacity development for stakeholders Task 5: Capacity building on CDM research and education Task 6: Creating a pipeline of CDM eligible projects CNECB (Chairman: MONRE) MONRE, MOST, MARD, MPI, MOT, MOFA, MOF, MOI, VUSTA Consultation Report DNA (ICD, MONRE) Collaboration between DNA and CD4CDM projects’s national institution

10 Impact of the CD4CDM in CDM institution building A Governmental Instruction on KP and CDM implementation, developed by MONRE, is submitted to the Government for approval A legal framework for CDM activities in the country is being set up with approval and participation of main related ministries, agencies, NGOs Capacity building for DNA and several Department of MOI and MARD is enhanced CDM is being integrated into sectoral development plan of Ministry of Industry Strengthening cooperation between DNA and related ministries.

11 Conclusion:  Issuing 2 LOAs for 2 CDM energy PDDs  2 LOAs for 2 CDM hydro power projects will be issued soon  Issuing 3 LOEs for CDM- PIN  Viet Nam DNA – Japan Bank for International Cooperation CDM MoU has been signed, other Viet Nam DNA – Austria and Viet Nam DNA – Denmark MoUs are being prepared for signing  A CDM project pipeline consists of 35 projects has been set up and presented at CARBON EXPO 2005

12 Lessons learnt Continuing to strengthen capacity for DNA and CNECB Procedure for assessing PDD and PIN in the country Raise fund for CDM activities in the country Baseline for energy and forestry sectors Encourage private sector and NGOs taking part in CDM Raise public awareness on CDM Strengthen cooperation on CDM in the region Develop and sign MoU / Agreement on CDM with international organizations / Annex I Countries

13 For further information, please contact: CD4CDM Project Office 57 Nguyen Du, Hanoi, Vietnam Tel: 844 8228974 - Fax: 844 8263847 Email: Website:

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