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Computer Design Weber.

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1 Computer Design Weber

2 Motherboard Motherboard Specs Model: ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77
Supported Processor(s): List All 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i3 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 Intel 3rd Generation Core i3 Processor Intel 3rd Generation Core i5 Processor Intel 3rd Generation Core i7 Processor Processor Interface: LGA1155 Memory Supported: (List type and fastest speed supported) DDR3 1333MHz DDR3 1600MHz DDR3 1866MHz Number of Memory Slots: 4 Maximum Memory Supported:32 GB Form Factor: ATX

3 Motherboard Expansion Slots (Number) 6 PCIe x 1:3 PCIe x 16: 3
ATX Power Connectors:1 x 24-pin ATX Main Power Connector PC Power Connectors: 1-8pin 3 GB/s Serial ATA Headers: 4 6 GB/s Serial ATA Headers: 2 external Built In Sound Card: Y/N Yes Built In Network Card (LAN): Y/N Yes USB 3.0: Y/N Yes Price:$249.99

4 CPU (Processer) Brand: Intel Processor Class: LGA 1155
Processor Interface: core I7 Processor Speed (GHz): 3.5 Price: $319.99

5 Processor Fan (included with processor)

6 RAM Type: DDR 3 Size (GB): 16 Speed (MHz): 1600MHz Quantity:2
Price: x 2 = $205.98

7 Hard Drive Brand: Seagate Capacity: (GB or TB) 3 TB Interface: SATA
Buffer Memory: 64 MB Speed: 7200 RPM Price:$139.99

8 Blueray Drive Type and Description:LG UH12NS29 12X Internal Blu-Ray Player - 3D Playback, M-Disc Support, Silent, Jamless Play, SATA Interface Interface: SATA Read/Record/Rewrite Speeds: Blue ray 12x DVD 16X CD 48 X Price:49.99

9 Video Card Brand / Type: ATI GPU: ATI Fire GL Video Memory: 2GB
Memory Type: GDDR4 Interface (PCIe, PCIe 2.0): PCI Express x16 Connectors (VGA, DVI, HDMI,S-Video…): DVI Price:$374.99

10 Case Brand / Type: Thermaltake Form Factor: ATX External 5.25” Bays:4
Internal 3.5” Bays:6 Price: before rebate after

11 Power Supply Power (Watts): 850 SATA Connectors: 7
4-Pin Peripheral Connectors:7 6-Pin PCI-E Connectors:2 8-Pin PCI-E Connectors:2 Motherboard Connector:20+4 pin 4-Pin P4 Connector: 8-Pin EPS Connector:2 Price:$109.99

12 Monitor Brand / Type: Benq Size: 55” Interface/Connector(s): DVI
S-Video Component Video HDMI VGA Composite Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Price:$

13 Keyboard and Mouse Description: SMK Link VP6324 RemotePoint Wireless Presentation Desktop Suite - Rechargeable Media Keyboard & Laser Mouse with Presentation Remote Control, Up to 100' Wireless Range Price:299.99

14 Total Price Motherboard  $ 249.99 CPU  $ 319.99 RAM  $ 205.98
Hard Drive  $ Blue ray Drive  $ Video Card  $ Computer Case  $ Power Supply  $ Monitor  $ Keyboard  $ Total  $

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