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Jackson Pollock “Jack the Dripper”.

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1 Jackson Pollock “Jack the Dripper”

2 Childhood Born: January 28, 1912 Youngest Native American art Father:
LeRoy Pollock and Stella McClure Youngest Native American art Father: Farmer turned Government Surveyor Abusive Alcoholic Left the family

3 School Years Charlie Manual Arts High School New father figure
Artistic influence Manual Arts High School Expelled for fighting

4 Early Years of Art 1929 New York Art Student’s League
Thomas Hart Benton Regionalism Surrealism “Going West”

5 Love Life Lee Krasner Jackson consumed by alcoholism
Art viewing Fellow artist October 1945 Jackson consumed by alcoholism Marriage destroyed by alcohol and affair

6 Art Prime 1940s – Fully abstract 1947 – Only Drip and Splash style
“Jack the Dripper” Life Magazine

7 Death August 11, 1956 Driving home Flipped car
Killed Pollock and friend Mistress, first called

8 “The She-Wolf” 1948 “Male and Female” 1942 “Key” 1946

9 “Shimmering” 1946 “Teacup” 1946

10 “Yellow Grey Black” 1948 “Number 23” 1948

11 “No. 5” 1948 Untitled

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