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Plant Diversity and Life Cycles

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1 Plant Diversity and Life Cycles
Biology 2 Chapter 29

2 Lycophyta- Nonvascular Plants
Plants which lack xylem and phloem, the vascular tissues which carry water and sugars to all parts of the plant. Lack true leaves, roots and stems Hornworts, liverworts and mosses

3 Hornworts


5 Liverworts


7 Mosses

8 Life Cycle of Mosses The dominant form of a moss is a clump of leafy green gametophytes which produces the sperm and the egg Have alternation of generations The alternate form is called the sporophyte and produces the spores



11 Antheridium The male reproductive structures that produce hundreds of flagellated sperm by mitosis

12 Archegonium The female reproductive structure that produces a single egg by mitosis

13 Fertilization When sperm unites with the egg and begins dividing to form the zygote haploid haploid diploid

14 Sporophyte Grows from the tip of a gametophyte and remains attached to it Forms the spores by meiosis which are released and grow to produce the gametophyte

15 Seedless Vascular Plants
Plants which reproduce by spores and lack vascular tissue Ferns, horsetails and whisk ferns

16 Pterophyta Ferns

17 Life Cycle of a Fern Has alternation of generations
The sporophyte is the dominant form The gametophyte is tiny and forms the antheridia and archegonia


19 Sori Located on the underside of a fern frond and contain the sporangia where the spores are formed









28 Sphenophyta Horsetails, Equisetum Equisetum

29 Psilophyta Whisk ferns

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