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Bina Omare Assistant Director Community Development & Growth Circle 33 Housing Trust Tel: 0044 20 7447 3128

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1 Bina Omare Assistant Director Community Development & Growth Circle 33 Housing Trust Tel: 0044 20 7447 3128 Email: Subsidised Jobs Case Study in London

2 Ways into Work - Partnership Team Hackney has been funded by the City Strategy Pathfinder to deliver an intensive service to workless people in deprived parts of Hackney, through partnership working with registered social providers and specialist agencies. Approach based on studies and baseline data showing that engagement with the Job Centre Plus activity has been quite low in Hackney A direct and targeted approach is needed to re-engage people, especially those deemed hard to reach, with the job market. This group faces many barriers in accessing the job market, including low levels of qualifications and basic skills, lack of affordable childcare, and others.

3 Ways into Work – Funding 09/10 Income DWP -Working Neighbourhood Fund (WNF)£2,420,000 LDA- Disadvantaged Area Fund (DAF)£ 520,000 European Social Fund (ESF)£ 100,000 Total£3,040,000 DWP – Department of Works and Pensions LDA – London Development Agency

4 Ways into Work – Impact Original 09/10 Target: £3m to secure 500 entries into employment Actual impact is 882 entries into employment for £2,273,448 Average Impact: Average cost for supporting long term unemployed into work is £2,500 - £5,000 per person. Current Impact 2009/10: Average cost of £2,577 for entries into employment 43% improvement on original target Have seen higher satisfaction with landlord Improved community cohesion and intergenerational work

5 Ways into Work – Outputs 2009/10 IndicatorOuputs Residents registered1675 of which are BAME 867 of which are Parents 370 Residents receiving employment support1337 of which are BAME 438 of which are Parents 158 Job entries 882 of which are BAME 716 of which are Parents 174 Job sustained at 13 weeks 398 of which are BAME 235 of which are Parents 68 Circle 33 Outputs; registered 200 into employment or training

6 Ways into Work - Delivery Eight Registered Social Landlords nominated estates or areas for this work. Circle 33 focused on Holly Street and the surrounding area. Expanded in year two across the borough. An outreach worker appointed to engage with residents in an intensive way, to gain their trust and a deep insight to barriers faced by the unemployed residents. This first rung of engagement is considered to be the most challenging element of the work. Key target is to engage with the NEET group (18+ age range not in employment, education or training). Establish basic facts about individual’s aspiration and needs. A referral is made to the specialist agencies.

7 Youth Awards, BBC 1 Radio, Dance Performance

8 Enhancing Life Chances – holistic approach Supported over 400 people (16+ and adults) and helped 280 people into employment or training. 300 young people participated in the various programmes 202 (13-25yrs) who were offenders, or at risk of offending participated 145 gained accreditations; dance, sports coaching, IT, music & journalism 80 are in employment, with majority in training or further education 80% of residents wanted to leave Holly Street, today 93% want to stay Assisted reduction in ASB and post code gang conflicts in the Queensbridge and Dalston Wards (during 2009 Police reported crime reduction of 30%); Inspector Karl Winter (Managing Operation Kurb for Hackney) praises the partnership “A great partnership working together to obtain successful crime reduction outcomes.”

9 DWP Future Job Fund Young Person’s Guarantee: all 18 to 24 year olds who are coming towards the 12 month stage of their claim to Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA): An offer of a job – 6 month paid employment Work focused training A place on a Community Task Force DWP announced the creation of up to 47,000 jobs, the first of these jobs through the Future Job Fund. Government will require all eligible young people to accept a job, training or work experience; invaluable skills and work experience that will help them secure a worthwhile job.

10 DWP Future Job Fund – Social Housing Commitment Social Housing Landlords 6,274 jobs to be created in unemployment hotspots over 18 months, approx £40m fund Equip unemployed and younger people in deprived areas with both the new skills and practical experience to work in the emerging low carbon economy 63 housing associations signed up to the partnership The scheme will see local people employed to deliver projects, activities and services in their communities, which would in turn improve the physical, environmental and community cohesion of the neighbourhood. Circle Anglia have taken on 25 new jobs first year (3 year programme)

11 Lessons Learnt  Direct Engagement of young people and wider community  Strategic involvement of residents  Partnership working – strategic and third sector  Flexible approach  Ongoing negotiations with funding bodies  Effective communication and Local publicity  Business planning and resourcing  Remove culture of competitive bidding  Managing output driven contracts  Real commitment from partners  Continued support & financial contributions from external funders  Intergenerational programmes and volunteers

12 Key Messages Involve the residents in designing programmes Ensure all partners are part of the business planning and review process Identify support to help young people and adults reach their aspirations Housing providers are well placed to bring partners together; why set up new agencies? Use existing partnerships to achieve efficiencies Management of place – more emphasis on housing providers to take proactive stance on local issues and needs Security of funding from Government, rather than continuous changes in initiatives, as people on the ground can achieve results if given time

13 Circle 33 Commitments – Sustainable Communities Offer more opportunities to residents to tackle worklessness improve financial inclusion strengthen community cohesion Secure external funding & partnerships Evaluate value of investment & demonstrate our contribution to local stakeholders

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