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2 Taking a Tour Through Logitrac Discovering Productivity & Features In Depth Tour of Controlling Cost Pricing & Reliability -We have features for every step in your business 1 2 3

3 Discovering Productivity & Features Employee Monitoring, Real-Time Alerts, Advanced Mapping, Dispatch & More 1

4 Getting Started with Productivity Need to Manage Employees in the Field? Logitrac’s live mapping system with real time alerts, notifications and history trail will allow you to maximize employees.

5 Advanced OBD Diagnostics & Driver Performance Fuel Levels (Starting & Current) RPMs Harsh Braking Rapid Acceleration Fuel Economy Odometer Battery Levels No Installation Engine Trouble Codes Increase ROI through Driver Performance. Monitor Harsh Braking, increasing life on brakes, maintenance on vehicle. View Rapid Acceleration to reduce fuel usage on fast starts.

6 W hat if you could locate the closest vehicle to a customer and have him routing instructions within seconds? W hat if you could receive automated alerts and reports when drivers enter and exit customer locations? W hat if you could reduce idle times? W hat if you could receive automated maintenance schedules and alerts?

7 Logitrac Advanced Mapping Systems Logitrac offers multiple mapping types to make sure you have the best mapping available Google Mapping and Google 3D Earth Google Street View Bird’s Eye View

8 Dispatch & Routing Logitrac provides real time locations and closest to a location to dispatch the proper driver. Select Find Address & Type in location Or Select Zone See who is closest and Drag icon for detailed routing instructions Logitrac offers advanced routing capabilities with features such as: Drag n Drop icon allows instant access to full routing capabilities with Logitrac See turn by turn, mileage and time. Integrated traffic flow allows for more accurate routing

9 Logitrac Complete Reporting Suite Logitrac automates the creation and distribution of all reports. You can subscribe anyone for a report delivered daily, weekly or monthly in multiple formats. Vehicle Detailed Activity Report Fleet Summary Report Start Stop Report Stop Report Stops Summary Idle Report w/ Fuel Management Location Entry Exit Route Compliance IFTA State Mileage Alerts Logbook Changes Maintenance Start Stop Report Alerts Point of Interest Location Entry Exit User/IT Raw Data

10 Logitrac allows your employees to do more! With our automated reports, live alerts, live dispatch and other features, your employees will have time to do more jobs, less manual work and will have time to do other things.

11 Controlling Cost Historical Bread Crumb Trails, Live View Mapping, Reducing Idle Times & More 2

12 Real Time Tracking & Trails Complete & detailed historical route can be retrieved from any employee You can control and monitor what routes your assets are traveling to be more efficient Changing icons allows you to see stops, idle, speeding, customer entry/exit, and many other things. Live updates every 2 minutes with silent refresh mapping technology System monitors 24x7 of all assets so you don’t have too Real-time alerts are produced instantly to let you know at all times what is going on All units listed on left hand side with last update, all unit info and alert status.

13 Customer Entry/Exit & Advanced Idle Reduce overhead costs from not having to monitor productivity of workforce Compliance alerts are fully customizable Download all customers into your account Monitor Idle Locations, Durations of Idle Time, Idle Lost per Gallon & Cost of Idle w/ Totals See how much fuel your employees are cost you! Automated Billing Report with Entry/Exit of all assets and customers See who is closest to each customer and route anyone to any customer

14 Tracking Mileage Transportation Services

15 Easy to User Interface Not a Computer Genius? Logitrac has provided an interface that virtually anyone can use. The platform is designed to be in depth with features and customization but the ease of use has been designed for all users. Dropdown Technology has proven to be the most user friendly interface to customers

16 Money Back in Your Pocket, Overhead Reduced, Productivity Increased Discovering the many uses of the Logitrac Fleet System cannot all be discovered overnight, this system is to provide you features you can discover and use for a lifetime. One of the benefits of our system is that we are constantly updating our application with more features based on customer feedback. Updates are applied monthly!

17 Pricing & Reliability We have created an advanced system at a basic level price. 3

18 Reliability » Our system is designed and maintained by a team of over 7 engineers. » We guarantee that your data is among one of the safest server farms in the US and our security service is highly protected to ensure your data is secure and safe. » Device Failure Rate – We use one of the most advanced GPS systems on the planet to ensure you never receive any type of malfunction or disruption in service or accuracy.

19 CUBE GPS Tracking Hardware: $175-$100 Ranging on Volume OBD GPS Tracking Hardware: $200-$100 Ranging on Volume Logitrac Premium Monthly Service: $30.00 a month per device

20 Account Setup Units normally ship same day as sim cards arrive Account Setup is done before units arrive Unlimited Customer Entries, we download them for you Units come ready to install and are already on the platform for your viewing Training can be setup at the earliest convenience and as much as you need Packaged and Ready Fast! Fully Setup on arrival


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