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UW-Platteville Convocations Robert Cramer Assistant Chancellor August 2011.

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1 UW-Platteville Convocations Robert Cramer Assistant Chancellor August 2011

2 Financial Position 2010-11

3 General Purpose Revenue (GPR) – includes general funding, specific purpose funding, and earmarked funding from the state, primarily from state sales and income taxes Program Revenue (PR) – includes tuition, auxiliaries, and segregated fees, as revenues received for services or from users Federal Revenue (PR-F) – includes federal grants, financial aid, direct loans, as revenues from a federal agency Segregated Funds (SEG) – includes transportation fund and other separate state accounts, credited by law to a specific state fund Gifts and Grants – includes revenues from the Foundation, non federal grants

4 Preliminary Ending Finances All Funds Summary (Cash Basis) Beginning Cash$ 25,137,116 ( 7/01/2010 rev ) Total Revenue$123,379,105 Total Expenses$124,736,260 Net Income$ 1,357,155 – Excluding direct student loan amounts Closing Balance$ 23,779,961 ( 6/30/2011 )

5 Select Fund Balances Fund 102$4,189,114 (General operations, tuition revenue, base of $48 million) Fund 123$3,976,226 ( Debt service, $4 M base) Fund 128$2,384,352 (Dining, housing, parking, base of $25 million) Fund 131 $10,280,339 (DLC, School of Ed Cost Recovery, TSI, base of $15 million) Fund 136$2,337,985 (Similar to 128, HTCP, camps & conferences, base of $3.7 million)


7 2011-12 Budget of $160.4 million

8 Overview of 2011-13 Biennial Budget

9 Funding Reductions with Policy Continued state GPR reductions ($3.5 million) New flexibilities for UW System including block grants, supplemental pay, and elimination of overload limit ($12,000) on July 1, 2013 New accountability reporting by UWS around performance, finances, access, undergraduate and graduate education, faculty, economic development, and collaborations

10 Special Task Force on UW System 17 members Report by January 1, 2012 Charge includes governance structure, new personnel system, tuition setting, compensation plans, operational flexibilities, and collaboration between UW institutions.

11 Looking Forward

12 Challenges Exist Important to acknowledge “brutal facts of current reality” (Jim Collins) and “face reality” (Jack Welch) Continued reductions in state GPR funding – Total GPR spending increases by 7.6% from 2009-11 to 2011-13 yet UW System funding declines 3.8% – $1.4 billion increase in Medicaid funding – Corrections GPR exceeds UWS GPR in 2011-13

13 Challenges Exist Demographics in higher education are changing External scrutiny and accountability will continue Growing role of for-profit institutions Compensation of faculty and staff at UW- Platteville

14 Opportunities to Control our Destiny Authority to propose supplemental pay plans Master Plan for facilities to support growth Initiating a University Strategic Plan University and Foundation generating more of our resources Expanding our faculty and staff to support growth – 48 total new FTE in 2011-12, 22 are faculty and instructional academic staff

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