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By Jimmie Mesis. Why Focus on Google? Here’s Why!

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1 By Jimmie Mesis

2 Why Focus on Google?

3 Here’s Why!

4 It’s Not Easy, But Possible

5 It Depends on Competition

6 It Depends on Keywords

7 It Depends on Your Efforts

8 SEO – Search Engine Optimization “The process of improving visibility of a website by using acceptable ‘on-page’ and ‘off-page’ methods to achieve higher ranking amongst search engines”

9 First Panda, Then Penguin

10 When Matt Cutts Speaks…

11 Latest Panda Guidelines Don’t ‘OVER’ optimize website Use several synonyms 300+ Words per page (10+ pgs.) You need lots of inbound links Update website content often 50% of rank based on social media

12 What’s Your Rank? For each of your Keywords) What’s Your Rank? (For each of your Keywords) Google Search Google Page Rank Yahoo Search Bing Search

13 What’s Your Rank? What’s Your Rank? Google & Alexa Toolbar Ranking Google Page Rank Scale 1-10 Website Ranking

14 What’s Your Rank? What’s Your Rank? Toolbar - Web Rank

15 5 Steps to Higher Ranking On-page Optimized Website Valuable & Informative Content Update Content Often (blog) Lots of Inbound Links (off-page) Social Media Presence (off-page)

16 SEO Components

17 On-Page Components

18 Competition Keyword Phrase Meta Title Meta Description Google Places Google Places Reviews Google PPC Adwords

19 Google Keyword Suggestion Tools Top of Page Bottom of Page

20 Google Keyword Tool

21 Keyword Tool Results

22 Long Tail Keywords

23 Meta Title / Description Meta Title Max. 85 Characters (69 displayed) Meta Description 160 or less Characters URL – Should contain Keyword

24 Meta Title Max. 85 Characters (69 displayed) H1 Heading Main Keyword Phrase Anchor Text Links Alt Tags

25 Feature One Investigative Specialty Per Web Page Accident Investigations Asset Investigations Background Checks Child Custody Civil Investigations Criminal Investigation Divorce / Infidelity Due Diligence Fraud Investigations Litigation Support Personal Injury Process Serving Surveillance Witness Locate Witness Statements Workers Compensation

26 Meta Title Max. 85 Characters (69 displayed) H1 Heading Main Keyword Phrase Keyword in Domain Name H2 Heading Keyword Enriched Bullet Content Keyword Enriched Content

27 Remember, Call To Action!

28 W3C Website Validator

29 You Need Inbound Links Pingomatic PI Assoc. PI Magazine

30 Reciprocal Links


32 How Many Links Do You Have?

33 Don’t Buy Bulk Links! Don’t Use Black Hat Tricks

34 Social Media Presence

35 Social Media Presence Google Plus+

36 Google Owns YouTube 60 Hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute up from 48 hours a couple of months ago. Over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed a day up from 3 billion Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube.

37 Social Media Presence

38 Just the Facts!

39 Create Business Page

40 Create Twitter Account

41 Include Your Website URL in Tweets

42 PI Magazine Poll - 2011 Percentage of Website Generated Income 45% Earned no income or less than 10% of their gross earnings. Most didn’t have a website! 12% 26% 9% 9% 8% 8% Earned less than 20%

43 ROI- Return on Investment One Optimized & Designed Specialty Page - $100 Social Media Links - FREE Content Updates - FREE $ 500 Case Retainer $1,500 Case Retainer $2,500 Case Retainer $5,000 Case Retainer

44 Website Eye Tracking You must achieve top 3 ranking on any search engine! Don’t waste your money on PPC ads. Invest your in SEO or adding more pages.

45 For More Information: Search “Free SEO Tips” Search “Google Analytics” Use Google Webmaster Tools Call me at: 732-308-3800 Or email:

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