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Problem Drinking Among Teens & young adults FRANCESCA ATKINSON.

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1 Problem Drinking Among Teens & young adults FRANCESCA ATKINSON

2 Drinking among Young adults (13-21) & Adults (21-25)  By the time teens reach age 14, nearly 50% report having had at least one alcoholic beverage & more than 20% have been drunk.  20% of the alcohol consumed in the United States is consumed by underage drinkers.  The highest number of binge drinking was among young adults between the ages of 21 to 25 (30.3%) in 2010.

3 Binge Drinking  On average students who are involved in sororities, fraternities, college sports, and those who engage in other high-risk behaviors are more likely to engage in binge drinking (and other substances).  Students who are involved in community service, arts, or studies are less likely to binge drink.  Drinking rates are much higher among students who are enrolled full-time rather than part-time students.

4 Alcopops  Fruit flavored beverages containing 5 to 7% alcohol  Mike’s hard Lemonade, Bacardi silver, etc  1/3 of teenage girls reported having tried “alcopops”  Popular among young drinkers because of:  Sweet taste and disguised taste of alcohol  Packaging and advertisements make these drinks look more like soda or energy drinks. Girls are more likely to drink “alcopops” than boys

5 Drinking among college students  In 2010, 1,825 of college students (between the ages of 18 and 24) deaths are due to alcohol related incidents.  25% of students report poor grades, poor performance, missing classes as a result of their drinking.  31% met the criteria for alcohol abuse  6% met the criteria for dependence.

6 Potential causes for problem drinking among teens & young adults  Social construction of drinking norms:  Culture  Family  Social learning process:  Social groups: Peer pressure  False perceptions  The access to alcohol:  Liquor stores and bars near campuses

7 Alcohol: True Stories

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