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User Group 2015 Version 5 Features & Infrastructure Enhancements.

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1 User Group 2015 Version 5 Features & Infrastructure Enhancements

2 Slide - 1Agenda Brief history on PMN development leading up the Version 5 V5 Major new usability features V5 Infrastructure improvements More Information on V5

3 Slide - 2 V5 - Version History 200820092010201120122013201420152016 Version 1 (2008/09) – Prototype  Distributed research network application  Was secure, but buggy Version 1 Version 2 (2010/11) - Stability  Make it stable  Make it maintainable Version 2 Version 3 (2012/13) - Extensibility  Request plugin framework with data adapters  User can have multiple roles  Organize activities around Project security context Version 3 Version 4 (2014/15) – Stability and Functionality  Fix bugs in V3 functionality  Query Composer initial release Version 4 Version 5 (2015)  Usability Features  Infrastructure Upgrades  Performance Improvements Version 5

4 Slide - 3 V5 - Usability Features Workflow Request Templates Task Manager Query Composer

5 Slide - 4 V5 - Usability Features : Workflow Purpose / Objectives  Allow automation of real world workflows  Increase security and efficiency in processing requests  Provide a framework for new workflows  Enhanced Auditing Current Workflows  Default, used for legacy request types  Modular Program - Sentinel  Summary Table Query - Sentinel  User Account Provisioning Architecture  Custom Engine  Table / Code Driven  Reusable workflow steps called Activities  Activities rendered in a Task template view  User actions for each step in the workflow is configured in the Project / Request Type panel

6 Slide - 5 V5 - Usability Features : Request Templates Predefine concepts and criteria groups  Uses the query composer to develop what a request will look like as a starting point when the request is created  Customize requests by limiting the concepts and groups allowed the investigator is allowed to query Create New Request Types  Select a template and a workflow to drive it  Choose terms available for users  Add the new request type to projects

7 Slide - 6 V5 - Usability Features : Task Manager Task Manager Panel  Located on the home page  Displays a list of tasks for the logged in user across requests  Allows the user to navigate to their task Task Form  Common form template used to render workflow steps  Consists of header containing Summary and Assignment panels  Body consists of tabbed form containing Overview, Description, Task Step, Comments, Documents, History

8 Slide - 7 V5 - Usability Features : Query Composer User Defined Criteria Groups  Save pre-defined expressions into a library for use in future queries New JSON Expression Format  Used for all request types  Extend format by adding new term types PCORI Specific Features  Added terms for PCORI Common Data Model  Developed a PCORI CDM Data Adapter Purpose / Objective  Provide a consistent user experience for all request types  Standardize request message format  Upgrade the client software stack Redesigned UI Layout  Clearly identify relationships between concepts  Improved panel layout and button styles MDPHnet Specific Features  Add population projection tool using Census data

9 Slide - 8 V5 - Infrastructure Enhancements Platform Web API Extensions API Solution Stack Restructuring DataMart Client Refactoring Authorization System Revision

10 Slide - 9 V5 - Infrastructure Enhancements: Authorization System Revision Purpose / Objective  Solve performance problem  Improve code maintainability and extensibility  Better user interface for granting rights Improved Usability  Reconciliation of access rights  Organized access rights by area within tabs  Template Security Groups for reference or copy  User Security Guide document for best practices Migration Scripts  Used to convert version 4 databases to new scheme Revised Security System  Redesigned Data Structures  Code level security objects  Exponential increase in performance throughout the application

11 Resources Slide - 10 V5 - Infrastructure Enhancements: Solution Stack Restructuring Purpose / Objective  Increase productivity, decrease maintenance costs  Modernize software stack  Streamline client / server messaging UIAPIADAPTERResources New MVVM Client Stack  ASP Web API formalization  Data Transfer Objects  HTML 5 / CSS3  Knockout for object bindings  Kendo UI for controls; buttons, sortable / searchable grids, tabbed panels  Typescript for strongly typed JavaScript  Bootstrap UI framework for interoperability Reorganized VS Solutions  Solutions separated based on functional area  API Solution  Resources Solution  UI Solution  Adapter Solution

12 Slide - 11 Infrastructure Enhancements: Platform Web API Extensions Purpose / Objective  Separation of concerns between the user interface and the service layer  Develop a comprehensive REST interface to the service layer  Allow integration of foreign applicationsAPI Upgraded Server Stack  Moving from MVC design to MVVM and Web API  ASP.MVC V5  SQL Server 2012  Visual Studio 2013 .NET Entity Framework 6 / Code First Platform API Revisions  Consolidated DMC / Portal API  Replaced the SOAP WCF service with the RESTful Web API  Expanded API to support client side AJAX calls  Still MVC but moving towards a Single Page Application design  Documented the API methods

13 Slide - 12 Infrastructure Enhancements: DataMart Client Refactoring Purpose / Objective  Reduce DMC deployments to data partners  Allow incremental changes to common data models  Automatic SQL generation for primary DBMS vendors Data Adapter Framework Improvements  Introduce a standardized sand-boxed data adapter model  New adapters based on Entity Framework  Adapters dynamically downloaded  Adapters versioned with side-by-side execution New Data Adapters  PCORI Data adapter  Revised REST Gateway Adapter Deployment Improvements  One-Click Deployments (auto update turned off)  Off-line installers for organizations who will not allow online deployment

14 Slide - 13 Features Infrastructure Enhancements: More Information Visit the PopMedNet Wiki  Release Notes / New Features for list and screen shots of new features in V5 Block 1 Break-out Sessions  See what a production hosting environment looks like in the security best practices session  A look at integrating PopMedNet into your research environment  Advice on how best to govern your network Block 2 Break-out Sessions  Open Source session to sort out bringing more contributors into the development cycle  Learn about our team approach to developing PopMedNet using an SDLC process  See some of the future challenges and solutions in growing PopMedNet networks

15 User Group 2015 Version 5 Features & Infrastructure Enhancements

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