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QR Codes The best from Tony Vincent’s “Crazy for QR Codes” presentation.

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1 QR Codes The best from Tony Vincent’s “Crazy for QR Codes” presentation

2 Learning in Hand with Tony Vincent Crazy for QR Codes Find info from this presentation and more on Tony’s Ed Tech page. Sessions are even linked from 2012!

3 Great Tip #1 i-nigma – find it in the app store Fast and easy QR code generator Does not work with MAC or Chromebook No smart phone? – on a laptop with camera

4 Great Tip #2 –  User friendly - text or web address codes generate almost immediately  can download to save  be sure to give a distinct name  always test  Use this if you know the web address may change one day

5 Great tip #3  Free  Upload video, PowerPoint, photo albums, create podcasts, narrate documents  Turn them into QR codes from within the site  Check the Terms of Use – must be 18 or have legal consent

6 Great tip #4  Easy audio QR code  Cannot edit  Will only work on computer, not phone  Flash-based  When you click save, you will get a url that you can copy and paste into

7 Great tip #5  – saves documents as url  – subscription site; creates email messages with QR codes; email parents  Include the url with the code when possible in case code does not work

8 Ideas  Put a QR code outside the Media Center that will take students/faculty/parents to the your web site.  Build a mystery with QR codes – create scavenger hunts, finish a famous quote, attach to art work or a book!  You do not have to print them – pull them up on your computer project them on your board  Print labels to stick anywhere!

9 Ideas  Hide in text books as supplementary material  Create screencasts and put the code on a homework sheet to serve as a reference (flipped classroom)  Turn a Google form into a QR code for an instant survey  Use or tinyurl to make long addresses shorter.

10 Ideas  Put QR code in a corner of art that links to the artist telling more about the work (great for student art)  Heroes project – Students drew their hero; QR codes linked to the student explaining why that person is a hero.  Make a Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Grandparents’ Day card to send via code

11 Ideas  “ReadBox” – photos of students holding books with QR codes to their book trailers

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