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How to successfully pitch for business: Back to Basics Helen Marini Baxter Marini Ltd.

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1 How to successfully pitch for business: Back to Basics Helen Marini Baxter Marini Ltd

2 Who is the Public Sector? 25 government departments 500 local authorities in England and Wales 303 NHS trusts 42 Police services 39 Ambulance services Other services: London Underground, museums and galleries, British Library etc 334 UK universities 3500 secondary schools 24000 primary schools Publicly-funded bodies: BBC, Development Agencies, Crown Agents etc £100billion + purchasing power!

3 SMEs? An SME has fewer than 250 employees A large business has 250+ employees 7,000 large businesses in UK 3.7 million SMEs Large businesses used to win 90%+ public sector contracts But changes are taking place

4 What SMEs have to offer Innovation Flexibility Niche markets What else?

5 The Government’s position Keen to encourage SMEs E-procurement Lots of information SBS OGC DTI Business Links “The Benefits of eProcurement” workshop

6 The Tendering Process Openness, transparency, justifiability…. Demonstrate why one company won the bid EU legislation Different entry ‘thresholds’ Opportunities for all

7 Tender Thresholds e.g Hertfordshire County Council Thresholds vary for each District and Borough Council – details on the stands Spend/tender limitsProcedure £0 - £10,000at least 2 written quotes £10,000 - £144,371full tender over £144,371EU/OJEU

8 The Problems The processes are viewed as complex, costly and time-consuming Decision-making processes take longer in the public sector than in commercial organisations SMEs frequently fail to meet basic requirements Any more?

9 The Solutions Read ALL the documentation thoroughly – twice! Do EXACTLY what is requested If in doubt – ASK Develop a strategy

10 Develop a strategy - 1 Get on the Bid List If there is a formal Approved Supplier list, there is a formal process for getting on it! For informal supplier selection: Phone up and ask Send an information pack Send an e-mail with a hyperlink to your website Networking events

11 Develop a strategy - 2 Identify your strengths, USPs, the most suitable contracts Talk to the local procurement officers – start developing a relationship Get hold of the local Community or Strategic Plan Use case studies Obtain information about the services you want to deliver

12 Develop a strategy - 3 Keep in touch Use statistics Check out the competition Make sure your IT capacity is strong Be innovative Consider partnership working

13 Qualifying documents 3 years’ accounts Legal entity evidence Public liability insurance Employer’s liability insurance Health and Safety Policy Environmental policy Technical qualifications Quality Management Equality Opportunities policy Proof of a performance bond References

14 The bid The tender team The timetable What you will do Financial issues – pricing, payment Ensure you can deliver Be robust Offer “variant” bids

15 The Presentation Know your bid inside out Make sure there are no inconsistencies Practise and ask for feedback Take a colleague Be professional Hand out a copy of your presentation, professionally presented Answer all questions

16 The result If you win – congratulations! Ask for feedback If you don’t win – congratulations! Ask for feedback

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