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Staffing the Sales Force: Recruitment and Selection

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1 Staffing the Sales Force: Recruitment and Selection
Module Five Staffing the Sales Force: Recruitment and Selection

2 Learning Objectives Explain the critical role of recruitment selection and building and maintaining a productive sales force. Describe how recruitment and selection affect sales force socialization and performance. Identify the key activities in planning and executing a program for sales force recruitment and selection. Discuss the legal and ethical considerations in sales force recruitment and selection.

3 Setting the Stage New Hiring Strategy at Information Graphics Group Allows Them to Bring Aboard the Best In what way did Information Graphics Group change it’s interviewing format? Answers 1. Rather than the standard interview questions, Ron asked more “What would you do?” type questions and scenarios. Those who made it through the interview process then spent a full day with two of the company’s top salespeople, where they were required to sell them on themselves. Candidates also had to complete presentations and participate in role plays. In addition, candidates were taken to lunch, sometimes with customers, to see how they respond in social situations.

4 Importance of Recruitment and Selection
Problems associated with inadequate implementation: Inadequate sales coverage and lack of customer follow-up Increased training costs to overcome deficiencies More supervisory problems Higher turnover rates Difficulty in establishing enduring relationships with customers Suboptimal total salesforce performance 2

5 Introduction to Sales Force Socialization
Sales Force Socialization refers to the process by which salespeople acquire the knowledge, skills, and values essential to perform their job. Achieving Realism Congruence Important during recruitment and selection

6 Recruiting/Selection
Proposed Model of Sales Force Socialization Realism Congruence Recruiting/Selection Objectives Job Satisfaction Involvement/ Commitment Performance Outcomes Task Specific Self -Esteem Person Resolution of Conflicting Demands at Work Initiation to Task Training Role Definition 2

7 Recruitment and Selection Process
Job Analysis Job Qualifications Job Description Recruitment & Selection Objec. Recruitment & Selection Strategy Internal Sources External Sources Screening Resumes and Applications Initial Interview Intensive Interview Testing Assessment Centers Background Invest. Physical Exam Selection Decision and Job Offer Planning for Recruitment & Selection Step 1 Recruitment: Locating Prospective Candidates Step 2 Selection: Evaluation and Hiring Step 3 3

8 Planning for Recruitment and Selection
Job Analysis: Entails an investigation of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the job. 4

9 Planning for Recruitment and Selection
Job Qualifications: Refers to the aptitude, skills, knowledge, personal traits, and willingness to accept occupational conditions necessary to perform the job. 4

10 Planning for Recruitment and Selection
Job Description: A written summary of the job containing the job title, duties, administrative relationships, types of products sold, customer types, and other significant requirements. 4

11 Planning for Recruitment and Selection
Recruitment and Selection Objectives: The things the organization hopes to accomplish as a result of the recruitment and selection process. They should be specifically stated for a given period. 5

12 Planning for Recruitment and Selection
Recruitment and Selection Strategy: The plan the organization will implement to accomplish the recruitment and selection objectives. The sales managers should consider the scope and timing of recruitment and selection. 5

13 Recruitment: Locating Prospective Candidates
Internal Sources Employee referral programs Internships External Sources Advertisements Private employment agencies Colleges and universities Job fairs Professional societies Computer rosters 7

14 Selection: Evaluation and Hiring
Screening Resumes and Applications Interviews Testing Assessment Centers Background Investigation Physical Examination Selection Decision and Job Offer 8

15 Screening Resumes and Applications
Evidence of job qualifications Work history Salary history Accomplishments Responsibilities Appearance and completeness

16 Interviews Types of interviews Locations Initial Interviews
Intensive Interviews Stress Interviews Locations Campus Recruiter’s Location (i.e. Plant Trip) Neutral Site Telephone

17 Testing: Value and Types
May be used to assist with initial screening May indicate compatibility with job responsibilities May indicate compatibility with organization’s culture and personnel Types Personality Intelligence Psychological Ethical Framework

18 Testing: Guidelines for Using
Do not attempt to construct tests for the purposes of selecting salespeople If psychological tests are used, be sure the standards of the American Psychological Association have been met Use tests that have been based on a job analysis for the particular job in question

19 Testing: Guidelines for Using
Select a test that minimizes the applicant’s ability to anticipate desired responses Use tests as part of the selection process, but do not base the hiring decision solely on test results

20 Background Check Be wary of first-party references
Radial search referrals might be used Use an interview background check Use the critical incident technique Pick out problem areas Obtain a numerical scale reference rating Identify an individual’s best job Check for idiosyncrasies Check financial and personal habits Get customer opinion

21 Selection Decision and Job Offer
Evaluate qualifications in order of importance Look for offsetting strengths and weaknesses Rank candidates If none meet qualifications, may extend search May have to offer market bonus (signing bonus) to highly qualified candidates

22 Legal and Ethical Considerations: Guidelines for Sales Managers
Become familiar with key legislation affecting recruitment and selection Conduct job analysis with an open mind Job descriptions and job qualifications should be accurate and based on a thoughtful job analysis All selection tools should be related to job performance 11

23 Legal and Ethical Considerations: Guidelines for Sales Managers
Sources of job candidates should be informed of the firm’s legal position Communications must be devoid of discriminatory content Avoid other practices that may be perceived as ethically questionable 11

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