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Do you know what to do?. What Are QR Codes? Do & Don’t – How to use.

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1 Do you know what to do?

2 What Are QR Codes? Do & Don’t – How to use.

3 QR Codes  QR = Quick Response  High data density  URIs  Contact Info  Text

4 Strategies for Use  Choose your audience wisely  Educate your audience  Define its purpose

5 Do QR  Front page of handouts, brochures, publications  Short URLs  Clear outline around graphic  One inch square  Explain what to do and why

6 Don’t QR  Deep link into a website  Non-mobile oriented sites  Mix text with URL  Fade graphics into edges  Too small or skewed

7 Pew Research Center  35% of American adults own smartphones  “Smartphone owners under the age of 30, non- white smartphone users and smartphone owners with relatively low income and education levels are particularly likely to say that they mostly go online using their phones.”  “…household income of $30,000 or less, smartphone ownership rates for those ages 18- 29 are equal to the national average.”

8 e-Michigan - Here to Help  Help create unique URL  Provide QR Code based on the URL  Provide tracking data or create a login for the metrics website  Advice on usage in printed materials and marketing campaigns

9 Other Types  Data Tag  SnapTag  Microsoft Tags

10 Pretty QR Codes Image courtesy:

11 Do you know what to do?

12 Before the Event  Periodical literature posted ahead of time  User had to download PDF to get QR Code  No link on the site to get the App or mention of the scavenger hunt  Inducement to download app? Enter a drawing for an iPad2.

13 At The Event  Signage located:  Entrances  Major booths (Food tickets, Sponsors)  About one foot square  Not high enough to scan square on

14 At the Event  Specific waypoint of the scavenger hunt  Located near major points of interest or specific high level sponsor  This QR scans as text: {‘quest_maker_id’:’5’}  The other QR is a “Get our App”

15 The App on an iPhone  Splash screen for about one second.  Network activity occurring  Then goes to main navigation screen

16 The App on an iPhone  Event Map  Looks like it has to download a separate jpg/pdf  Two Maps  AboutQuest  Describe event  Give instructions about App

17 The App on an iPhone  Schedule - Saturday  List of events occurring throughout the day  Plus sign  Schedule - MyDay  My personal itinerary  Minus sign

18 The App on an iPhone  The Quest  Must register an email address to be entered to win  Scan a code and get one of nine squares  Option to post to Facebook & Twitter that you visit one of the nine stations

19 The App on an iPhone  Completion  Congratulations message  Confirmation of being entered to win  Dotted image coalesces into the robot  Note: I did not finish the quest on the day of the contest. I figured out the scan codes and did it the day after.

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