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Los Angeles Pierce College & California State University, Northridge PATH COLLABORATION: HELPING STUDENTS MAKE SENSE OF GENERAL EDUCATION.

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1 Los Angeles Pierce College & California State University, Northridge PATH COLLABORATION: HELPING STUDENTS MAKE SENSE OF GENERAL EDUCATION

2 Overview The PATH program is a collaboration between Pierce College and CSUN, designed to help students make connections between General Education courses in various disciplines. The program is open to ALL students regardless of GPA.

3 The Logistics Four courses taken at Pierce College in one PATH All courses were identified as PATH courses in the schedule and in the class syllabi Two more courses taken at CSUN Earn a minor in Civic Engagement or Sustainability after transferring to CSUN

4 The PATHS Aesthetics and Culture Global Studies Health and Wellness Social Justice Sustainability

5 Our Strategy Courses were and are still being identified under each PATH Faculty members have been recruited as leads in each PATH A good rapport has been established with administrative staff Project was presented to Academic Senate, Student Success Committee, and Departmental Council PATHs continue to be advertised Food and drinks are provided to participants at PATH events

6 THE PATH EVENT: MAKING SENSE OF GENERAL EDUCATION Come and find out how you can make sense of your General Education requirements and get a minor out of it. When: Tuesday, May 21 st 1:00pm-2:00pm Where: The Great Hall Learn about exciting new initiatives designed to help you maximize what you get out of your General Education. Free refreshments will be provided



9 Spring 2014 Events at Pierce Informational PATH event for students PATH faculty coordinators’ meeting Meetings for PATH faculty to discuss assessment, common concerns and strategies

10 Assessment At the end of the semester, PATH instructors are asked to submit their assessment results to the PATH faculty coordinator and assessment co- coordinators. In the assessment report, faculty reflect on connections between the course and the PATH theme and the relevant aspects of their students’ experience in the class.

11 Assessment Report Form Here are the instructions for your Path faculty. Once you collect the individual reports, please e-mail me and Ania the following items by January 6th 2014: Sample assessments from your and your faculty's Path class(es). Go the Pierce GE Paths Web page (* Click on the CSUN GE Paths link. Click on the link for your path. Consult the CSUN Path SLOs. Determine which one(s) apply to your Path courses. Connect your course SLO (at least one) to the relevant Path SLO(s) A brief report on your assessment results ("Tell the story") which answers the following questions: How were students assessed? How were assessments used? In other words, how does your assessment reflect that your course maps to one or more CSUN Path SLOs? How have you emphasized the Path theme in your course? Based on your experience and professional judgment, how well do think your students know the purported significance of a thematic GE program? In other words, do they make thematic connections between your course and other courses (in or outside the Path) in the GE program? Please note that the college's SLO database and reporting repository won't be the location for the Path reports. Instead, these should be completed in a Word doc. See the attached.*

12 Aesthetics and Culture Path courses at Pierce Art 101 Survey of Art History I Art 102 Survey of Art History II Art 103 Art Appreciation Art 111 History of Contemporary Art Art 119 Theories of Art Philosophy 40 Introduction to the Philosophy of Art Philosophy 41 Introduction to Philosophy and Literature Philosophy 42 Philosophy and Cinema Psychology 69 Psychology in Film

13 Global Studies Path courses at Pierce Art 105 History of Asian Art Anthropology 102 Human Ways of Life: Cultural Anthropology Communication Studies 121 The Process of Interpersonal Communication Education 203 Education in American Society English 203 World Literature I Philosophy 30 Asian Philosophy Sociology 15 Religion and American Society Sociology 86 Popular Culture History 1 Introduction to Western Civilization I History 2 Introduction to Western Civilization II History 86 Introduction to World Civilizations I History 87 Introduction to World Civilizations II

14 Health and Wellness Path courses at Pierce Communication Studies 122 Communication Across Culture Health 2 Health and Fitness Health 8 Women’s Personal Health Health 11 Principles of Healthful Living Kinesiology 117 Introduction to Personal Training Psychology 14 Abnormal Psychology Psychology 16 Intimacy, Marriage and Family Relationships Psychology 41 Life Span Psychology: From Infancy to Old Age Psychology 52 Psychological Aspects of Human Sexuality Psychology 60 Stress Management

15 Social Justice Path courses at Pierce Administration of Justice 1 Introduction to Administration of Justice Child Development 11 Home, School and Community Relations Child Development 42 – The Child in Diverse Society Communication Studies 104 Argumentation English 239 Women’s Literature English 215 Shakespeare I Political Science 19 Women in Politics Psychology 13 Social Psychology Psychology 32 Psychology of Women Sociology 11 Race and Ethnic Relations Sociology 21 Human Sexuality Sociology 29 The US and Terrorism Sociology 35 The Labor Movement Sociology 31 Sociology of Gender

16 Sustainability Path courses at Pierce Animal Science 511 Anatomy and Physiology of Animals Anthropology 101 Human Biological Evolution Geography2 Cultural Geography GIS 31 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems Philosophy 28 Environmental Ethics Plant Science 103 Introduction to Soils

17 More Information

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