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RNA 13.1 p. 362-365.

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1 RNA 13.1 p

2 1.What does RNA stand for? Ribonucleic acid (unlike DNA, which stands for…)

3 2. 3 major differences between DNA and RNA
1. Sugar in RNA is ribose not deoxyribose 2. Single-stranded (vs. double-stranded) 3. Contains the nitrogenous base uracil vs. thymine

4 3. Roles of DNA vs. RNA Kind of like a construction site
DNA is the “master plan” Used to prepare the “blueprints” which is the RNA DNA molecule stays safely in the cells nucleus RNA molecules go to proteins building sites in the cytoplasm called the ribosome

5 4.RNA controls the assembly of amino acids into proteins!
Proteins direct/ control a lot of cellular functions…that’s one of the reasons RNA is so important!

6 Each of the 3 main types of RNA has a different job when it comes to protein synthesis:
Messenger RNA (mRNA) Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) Transfer RNA (tRNA)

7 5. mRNA RNA that carries instructions for polypeptide synthesis from nucleus to ribosomes in the cytoplasm!

8 5.rRNA Forms an important part of both subunits of the ribosome

9 5.tRNA Carries amino acids to the ribosome and then matches them to the coded mRNA message

10 How does the cell make RNA?
RNA Synthesis How does the cell make RNA?

11 Transcription 1.Most of the work of making RNA takes place during transcription 2. In transcription, segments of DNA serve as templates to produce complementary RNA molecules

12 Where does transcription happen?
3. Prokaryotes RNA synthesis+ protein synthesis in the cytoplasm 4.Eukaryotes RNA synthesis is in cell’s nucleus Protein synthesis is in cytoplasm

13 5.RNA polymerase Works much like DNA polymerase
6. RNA polymerase binds to DNA during transcription then separates the DNA strands Uses one strand of DNA as a template from which to assemble nucleotides into a complementary strand of RNA

14 7. How does RNA know where to bind and start making RNA???
8.Promoter region of DNA that signals RNA polymerase exactly where to begin making RNA *Similar signals in DNA cause transcription to stop when a new RNA molecule is completed

15 9-10 RNA editing RNA needs to be edited before it can be read!
Introns= portions that are cut out and discarded Exons= left over portions that are then pushed back together to form the final mRNA strand

16 Watch! Transcription!

17 Photo credits na.png
cription.jpg ns/3/3e/Eukaryotic_Cell_%28animal%29.jpg s/bio101/labquiz2/prokaryote.jpg ublic_html/t3/mRNA%20to%20protein.gif

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