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Faculty Professional Day, NVCC 4.24.09 In Connecticut.

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2 Faculty Professional Day, NVCC 4.24.09 In Connecticut

3  Increase completion rates in health care certificate programs  Open pathways to degrees and higher-wage jobs Source: “ Bridges to Health Career Initiative ” Underserved Low income ESL Minority CNA Dental Assistant EKG Technician EMT Medical Coding Specialist Pharmacy Technician Phlebotomy Technician

4  creators of interactive training solutions for education and business  developer and producer of copper alloys, chlorine, and soda products

5 The Goal Learn, practice and demonstrate the skills needed to succeed in the jobs and careers desired. T h e G o a l L e a r n, p r a c t i c e a n d d e m o n s t r a t e t h e s k i l l s n e e d e d t o s u c c e e d i n t h e j o b s a n d c a r e e r s d e s i r e d. Multi-sensoryWeb based  Assessments  Lessons  Certificates Occupational Job Profiles database

6 Skill Area Each Skill Level represents a specific set of skills

7 1. Pretest 2. Lessons in selected skill area 3. Practice problems 4. Quiz to assess potential WorkKeys score

8 Business Writing Beginning Language Beginning Math Career Clusters

9 1. Agriculture & Food 2. Architecture & Construction 3. Arts & Communication 4. Business Mgmt 5. Education & Training 6. Financial Services 7. Government & Public Admin 8. Health Science 9. Hospitality & Tourism 10. Human Services 11. Information Technology 12. Law, Pubic Safety & Security 13. Manufacturing 14. Marketing & Sales 15. Science, Tech & Engineering 16. Transportation & Distribution Career Clusters


11 On the Job, Person-to-Person, Telephone, E-mail, Meeting Business Etiquette At Work, Speaking, Listening, Presenting Yourself, Non-Verbal Communication Skills Finding the right Job, Resumes, The application process, Interviewing Skills The Job Search Ethics, Personal Characteristics, Employer Expectations Work Habits Time Management, Problem Solving, Customer Service, Teamwork Workplace Effectiveness


13 Overview Learning Practice Quiz Assessments in “Target Areas of Instruction” Match of skill set to job Ready for on-the-job training Better job retention Job

14 1 3 2

15 2 – Add Students to Classes 3 – Assign Lessons 4 – Monitor Progress 1 – Add Students

16 Student Name

17 Entering CNA students Entering Phlebotomy students ESL CTO ( Career ) GED Tutoring support Youth programs Entering CNA students Tutoring support Entering CNA students Precision Manufacturing STARS ( literacy ) Accuplacer Parallel test of Accuplacer performance Automotive Training Entering CNA students

18 Training Help getting started Technical support Office hours

19 Faculty Development Day, NVCC 4.24.09 Thank You. For more information, contact your KeyTrain Administrator

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