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Meaningful Use Stage 2 Esthee Van Staden September 2014.

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1 Meaningful Use Stage 2 Esthee Van Staden September 2014

2 Please join Sage Growth Partners in a detailed discussion of Stage 2 Meaningful Use and what your practice needs to accomplish in 2014.

3 3 About Us…  Founded in 2005  Provide Strategy, Business Optimization, Technology, and Marketing advice and execution  National footprint in Health Care  Cultivate opportunities to accelerate growth

4 4

5 Meaningful Use

6 Meaningful Use Stages Paul Tang, M.D., Vice Chair for Health IT. 1/8/2013 “Stage 4 is moving toward the learning health system,” Tang said, “for both professionals and patients, so that we make better and better use of data.” Stage IV – Care Plans, Patient Participation New Stage Announced

7 What Are Stage 2 Objectives of the EHR Incentive Programs? 17 Core Measures CQM’s 3 Menu Measures Stage 2 Meaningful Use

8 1. Use computerized provider order entry (CPOE) for medication, laboratory and radiology orders 10. Incorporate clinical lab-test results into Certified EHR Technology as structured data. 2. Generate and transmit permissible prescriptions electronically (eRx) 11. Generate lists of patients by specific conditions 3. Record demographic information12. Reminders for preventive/follow-up care and send these patients the reminders, per patient preference. 4. Record and chart changes in vital signs13. Patient specific education resources and provide those resources to the patient. 5. Record smoking status for patients 13 years old or older 14. Perform medication reconciliation. 6. Use clinical decision support to improve performance on high-priority health conditions 15. Provide a summary care record for each transition of care or referral. 7. Provide patients the ability to view online, download and transmit their health information 16. Capability to submit electronic data to immunization registries 8. Provide clinical summaries for patients for each office visit 17. Use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health information. 9. Protect electronic health information created or maintained by Certified EHR Technology Core Objectives for Eligible Professionals

9 1.Record electronic notes in patient records 2.Imaging results accessible through CEHRT 3.Record patient family health history 4.Identify and report cancer cases to a State cancer registry (for EPs only) 5.Identify and report specific cases to a specialized registry (Other than a cancer registry)(for EPs only) 6.Generate and transmit permissible discharge prescriptions electronically (eRx) (New for eligible hospitals and CAHs only) New Stage 2 menu objectives for Eligible Providers

10 Clinical quality measures (CQMs) are tools that help us measure and track the quality of healthcare services provided by eligible professionals (EPs). These measures are based on a provider’s ability to deliver high-quality care or relate to long term goals for health care quality. CMS selected the recommended core set of CQMs for EPs based on several factors: Clinical Quality Measures – Overview  Health Outcomes  Clinical Processes  Patient Safety  Efficient use of Healthcare resources  Care Coordination  Patient engagements  Population and Public Health  Clinical Guidelines

11 EPs must report on 9 of the 64 approved CQMs Recommend core CQMs – encouraged but not required  9 CQMs for the adult population  9 CQMs for the pediatric population  NQF 0018 strongly encouraged since controlling blood pressure is high priority goal in many national health initiatives. CQMs – 2014 and Beyond HHS National Quality Strategy Domains (Minimum 3 of 6 must be represented)  Patient Safety  Care Coordination  Population and Public Health  Efficient Use of Healthcare Resources  Patient and Family Engagement  Clinical Processes/Effectiveness

12 Meaningful Use Stage 2 2014

13 The Department of Health and Human Services published a final rule for Stage 2 meaningful use August 29 that offers hospitals and physicians flexibility for 2014. The new rule allows eligible providers to use the 2011 Edition of certified EHR technology or a combination of 2011 and 2014 Edition for the 2014 Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs. Come 2015, all eligible providers will be required to use the 2014 Edition if certified EHR technology.EHR Final rule for Stage 2 meaningful use August 29, 2014

14 2014 CEHRT Flexibility


16 Now What……

17 CMS strongly advises that your practice continues to expedite your upgrades and Meaningful Use preparations to meet the 2014 requirements and timelines. Stage 2 of the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs includes several objectives that require information to be shared with another party. Three of these objectives— Clinical Summary, Patient Electronic Access, and Summary of Care—outline specific data elements needed to meet the objective. While some of the data elements are common between these three objectives, other data elements are individual to each objective.

18 Under the Stage 2 core objectives to provide patients the ability to view online, download and transmit their health information, more than 5 percent of patients seen by the EP view, download, or transmit to a third party their health information. Exchanging Information Electronically

19 Under the Stage 2 core objective to use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health information, a secure message must be sent using the electronic messaging function of Certified EHR Technology by more than 5 percent of unique patients seen by an EP during the EHR reporting period. Secure Messaging

20 Superscripts offers a simple solution where EP’s can sign up and use their messaging service to meet the MU requirement. What if my EMR doesn’t have Secure Messaging

21 Questions?

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