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MiVoice Office v6.0. 2 MiVoice Office v6.0 is mainly a service enhancement release, rather than a user feature rich enhancement release.

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1 MiVoice Office v6.0

2 2 MiVoice Office v6.0 is mainly a service enhancement release, rather than a user feature rich enhancement release

3 What’s New 3 IT ADMINISTRATOR Reduced time to deploy Customer Configurator User Creation Wizard Web based Administration Bundled Save, Restore & Backup Simplified administration DHCP for Mitel IP sets Alarms and Alerts Enhanced security MiVoice Border Gateway support END USER Empower mobile employees with corporate telephony functionality Mid-call features with voice prompted menus (due as a service pack, not available at release) Secure remote teleworking SIP Phone Called Party Display SIP Ad-hoc Conferencing

4 What is New for the IT Administrator

5 DHCP For MiVoice Office Endpoints 5 Reduces complexity and chance of misconfiguration Embedded DHCP server which automatically provides the appropriate DHCP options Configured to respond to MiVoice 52xx/53xx IP series endpoints DHCP Server can be configured to assign static DHCP IP addresses to specific IP hosts

6 MiVoice Border Gateway 6 Enhanced security for businesses requiring more robust capabilities MiVoice Border Gateway Enables remote employees to connect securely with the MiVoice Office Enhanced security No access to customer’s firewall Support for teleworking capabilities only

7 User Creation Wizard 7 Simplified, centralized End User Set-up User Creation Wizard can also be used to modify existing users Ability to import records from previous MiVoice Office databases and CSV files

8 CUSTOMER CONFIGURATOR 8 New level of capability for non-administrators Customer Configurator: Typically assigned to the office manager or Super User Ability to make user adds, moves, changes, supply forgotten passwords Administrator: Full access rights to DB programming, System Administration & Diagnostics

9 ALARMS / ALERTS VIA EMAIL 9 This image display a dialogue box with a variety of alarms showing Alarms / Alerts Ability to receive alarms via: Email Email generated text messages Easy to set up: Alarm notification enabled through new System Alarms Notification Window Enabled individually or in an Alarm Group

10 CONFIGURATION WIZARD 10 New level of capability for non-administrators Simplifies MiVoice Office deployment: Automatically launches when configuring a default database Guides you through the common steps of getting the system up and running Streamlines user provisioning: Launches User Creation Wizard upon system configuration completion

11 Web Based Administration 11 Intuitive, easy to use web based management console for office manager Provides Common Configurator with access to a set of basic admin tools to perform moves, add, and changes

12 Unified Voice Message Synchronization for Google Gmail 12 UVM Synchronization Release 6.0 enables the MiVoice Office voice mail to synchronize with Google’s Gmail email solution Gmail UVM synchronization joins Microsoft Office 365 as supported hosted email providers

13 What’s New for the End User

14 Mid-Call Features For Dynamic Extensions 14 Enhance productivity when on the go with MiVoice Office mid call features Call transfer Conference Voice Mail Auto-Attendant Control No more feature codes Easy to use voice prompted menus System administrators can customize voice guided feature system Due as a service pack release, not available at initial launch

15 SIP Phone Conferencing & Display Updates 15 Mitel 5604 Mitel 5603 Mitel 5607 Confirm the called party at a glance Available on MiVoice 5603, 5604, 5607 Called party name is displayed Initiate a conference call on the fly with SIP based ad-hoc conferencing

16 FAQs & Enhancements Table

17 FAQs Q. When will the MiVoice Office officially support the MiVoice Conference Unit? A. MiVoice Office Release 6.0 will support the MiVoice Conference Unit only. Although MiVoice Video Unit video support for the MiVoice Office is under consideration, there are no definite plans to support MiVoice Video Unit video at this time. Q. When will MiVoice Office support multi-node Hot Desking? A. Multi-node Hot Desking is not part of our current roadmaps plans. In the interim, an option for multi-node networks would be to host all Hot Desking devices off a single MiVoice Office controller (i.e., a phone at site 2 is a remote IP phone hosted off system 1 and allows users to hot desk into the set at site 2). Q. What is the minimum Compact Flash requirement for Release 6.0? A. The minimum Compact Flash (CF) requirement remains 1 GB. Q. Will MiVoice Office support all of the MiVoice Border Gateway functionality in Release 6.0? A. No, Release 6.0 supports only teleworker capability using MiVoice 5300 Series IP Phones. Incremental MiVoice Border Gateway functionality is being considered for future Service Packs. Q. How do I upgrade to Release 6.0? A. There is not a direct upgrade part number, however, customers who are enrolled in Software Assurance may upgrade consistent with that agreement. Q. What is the status of Enterprise Messaging OR Networking to Axxess with Release 6.0? A. As was communicated last year with release 5.1, Enterprise Messaging and Networking with the Axxess platform are no longer supported with Release 6.0. 17

18 ENHANCEMENT SUMMARY TABLE 18 FEATURESBENEFITS Mid-Call Features for Dynamic Extensions In its most basic form Mid-Call features in conjunction with Dynamic Extension Express, extends MiVoice Office HX capabilities to mobile devices for maximum flexibility and productivity. As such, Mid-Call Features empowers mobile users through a set of voice prompted menus, with many of the advanced communications features they have come to expect from their office phone. DHCP For MiVoice IP Phones The MiVoice Office Release 6.0 embedded DHCP server, can automatically provide the proper DHCP options to reduce the chance of a miss-configuration as well as speeding up installation times. MiVoice Border Gateway – Teleworker Functionality MiVoice Office will now support the MiVoice Border Gateway Teleworker functionality thus providing another level of security for the MiVoice Office Teleworker IP Phones. User Creation Wizard User setup has been simplified and takes place with the user considered first, then their rights / capabilities / privileges assigned using a simplified “fill in” and check box oriented interface.

19 ENHANCEMENT SUMMARY TABLE 19 FEATURESBENEFITS Bundled Save and Restore With the new Bundled Save and Restore feature administrators now have the choice to save their system data independent of their database information or opt for saving everything in one location. Alarms / Alerts via Email This new feature in SysAd adds the ability to program user notification for alarms via email or text message SIP Phone and Conferencing and Display Updates With the addition of MiVoice 5603, 5604, and 5607 SIP Phone support, MiVoice Office SIP display updates and Conferencing capabilities have been enhanced. Configuration Wizard Enhancements The Configuration Wizard has been updated to allow for simpler MiVoice Office setup and faster deployment. At the initial system setup a number of system level parameters are now presented to the user in a simplified and progressive interview fashion. Web Based Administration Mitel continues to extend the MiVoice Office web based administration with Release 6.0. Many of the more common MiVoice Office database transaction that require simple User, adds, moves, and changes will no longer require the Database Programming Client.

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