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Three Types of Adjectives

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1 Three Types of Adjectives
Common Proper Demonstrative

2 Common Adjectives Common adjectives are like common nouns. They are descriptive words that are not specific to a particular person, place, thing or idea. Example: Yesterday I ate some tasty fries. Guided Practice 1. Gene builds tiny, old-fashioned houses for dolls. 2. Most people think that they are attractive and unusual. 3. Some rooms are empty. Independent Practice 4. Little electric lights shine through clear windows. 5. Some miniature houses include several levels.

3 Writing Write a sentence about this picture using common adjectives. Circle your common adjectives.

4 Proper Adjectives Proper adjectives are like proper nouns. They are
descriptive words that are specific. They are derived from proper nouns. A proper adjective is capitalized. Example: Yesterday I ate some tasty French fries. Guided Practice 1. Here is a Mexican silver bracelet. 2. His Australian hat is made of leather. 3. Did you go to the Hawaiian luau? Independent Practice 4. The dachshund is a German breed of dog. 5. An English sheepdog has a long, shaggy coat.

5 Writing Look at the pictures of international foods. Try to figure out what country the food comes from. Use a proper adjective to describe the food.

6 Images

7 Demonstrative Adjectives
Demonstrative adjectives answer the question “which one.” They point out a specific person, place, thing, or idea. There are only four demonstrative adjectives: this, that, these, and those. Singular This book is mine. I want to buy this CD. That dog is standing on my porch. “I’ve read that book!” Plural These filthy clothes need to be washed. Did you iron these shirts? Those boxes are full of junk. I always enjoy reading those books.

8 Practice Directions: Circle the demonstrative adjectives.
Remember, they must be followed by nouns. This experiment requires three small mirrors. Tape those mirrors together to form a triangle. Make sure this side faces toward the center. Pour these clear plastic shapes into the triangle of mirrors. Look at this!

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