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The Five Senses Julia Morales.

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1 The Five Senses Julia Morales

2 The Five Senses We have five sense that help us through out each and every day. sight, taste, touch, smell, and hear. For each of these senses the human body has different body parts that help us use each different sense. For sight, we use our eyes. For taste, we use our tongue. For touch, we use your skin and hands. For smell, we use our nose. For hearing, we use our ears.

3 Sight For the first sense, we use our eyes. Having sight lets us see everything in the world. For example, we can see different shapes, movement, colors, and more. What do you see here?  Can you see the different colors and shapes?  Watch this video to understand how to human eye works and gives us the ability of sight!

4 Taste For The second sense, we use our tongue! Having the sense of taste lets our bodies know what tastes good, bad, sour, or bitter. Watch this video to see how our tongues work. How do you think these foods might taste?

5 Touch For the third sense, you use our skin and hands. Having the sense of touch lets our bodies know what objects we are holding or near. We have the ability with “touch” to know if something is hot, cold, rough, soft, or hard. Watch this video to learn more about the sense of touch! How do you think these objects would feel by using your sense of touch?

6 Smell For the fourth sense, we use our nose! Having the ability to smell, we are able to anticipate how things will taste or know what smells nice or stinky. How do you think these objects would smell? Is it pleasant or stinky? How does it make you feel? Watch this video on the amazing nose and see how it works!

7 Hear The last and final sense our bodies have the ability to do is hear. To hear, we use our ears! So important we have two of them! The sense of hearing gives us the ability to know what the sound of a whistle, an animal sounding out, a baby crying, and police sirens sound like. Being able to hear also lets us know if there is an emergency near by, nice music to dance, and if our friends are laughing near by. What are some things you hear at home? What can you hear here at school? click to hear  applause drums Watch this fun video about the ear to learn more!!

8 The Five Senses The five senses help us function through out each and every day and each sense has its own important role it plays. Activity: There are 5 sense stations set up in the class room, each with one object laid out. Sight - a picture of a frog Taste - sugar cubes Touch - teddy bear Smell - flowers Hear – a bell Separate class into small groups. One group at a time will go to each sense station and write down as many describing words as they can using their senses for that object. Once the whole class has had a chance to go through each station and take notes, the class will come together and have a class discussion and share their findings.

9 Content standard & grade level:
Kindergarten 4. Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions and conducting careful investigations. As a basis for understanding this concept and addressing the content in the other three strands, students should develop their own questions and perform investigations. Students will: a. Observe common objects by using the five senses. b. Describe the properties of common objects. c. Describe the relative position of objects by using one reference (e.g., above or below). d. Compare and sort common objects by one physical attribute (e.g., color, shape, texture, size, weight). e. Communicate observations orally and through drawings. Cali2fo

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