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Do Now #1 In complete sentences: What is wellness? What does it mean to be healthy? Your personal definition. Examples.

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1 Do Now #1 In complete sentences: What is wellness? What does it mean to be healthy? Your personal definition. Examples.

2 WELLNESS Junior Health

3 Health vs. Wellness Health: – Condition of being of sound body with emphasis on freedom from pain and disease. Wellness: – A multi-dimensional state of well-being, a holistic approach to life that encompasses physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, environmental, and occupational.

4 7 Dimensions of Wellness 1. Emotional 2. Environmental 3. Intellectual 4. Occupational 5. Physical 6. Spiritual 7. Social Each group will receive a dimension. Groups will come up with a definition and some examples.

5 Emotional Wellness Having the ability to feel and express emotions, like happiness, sadness, and angerand accepting our worth – Manage stress, possess self-esteem and self acceptance, and appropriately sharing feelings with others. Skills include: – seeking and providing support, learning time management skills, practicing stress management skills, and accepting and forgiving yourself.

6 Environmental Wellness  Includes protecting the earth and its resources and modifying your surroundings to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Making a positive impact on the quality of our environment.  Ideas: conserve water and other natural resources reduce, reuse, recycle minimize your exposure to chemicals renew your relationship with the earth Ability to recognize our own responsibility for the quality of the water, air, and land around us.  Modifying your environment to remove or minimize barriers. Example: rearranging your work area to allow you to be more productive.

7 Intellectual Wellness  Striving to improve your intellect and your creative spark. Examples include:  taking a course or workshop  learning a foreign language  reading for personal enjoyment  seeking out persons who challenge you intellectually  taking up a hobby.  Using our minds to create a greater understanding and appreciation of the universe and ourselves.

8 Occupational Wellness  Preparing and making use of your skills and talents. Finding a career that is meaningful, enjoyable and rewarding is vital to job satisfaction.  Ideas include: exploring career options creating a vision of your future being open to learning new skills

9 Question? It is better to choose a career which is consistent with your personal values, interests, and beliefs than to select one that is unrewarding? Money vs. happiness?

10 Physical Wellness  Encompasses a variety of healthy behaviors including: adequate exercise proper nutrition abstaining from harmful behaviors like drug use and alcohol abuse

11 Spiritual Wellness  Set of beliefs, principles, or values that guide your life. (Not strictly religion)  Ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives. Increase your spiritual well-being by:  exploring your spiritual core  being curious  listen to your heart and following your principles  allow yourself and others around you the freedom to be who they are

12 Social Wellness  Receiving and giving support to family and friends, enhancing diversity and becoming active in issues that you care about. Ideas include:  interacting with people of other cultures, backgrounds & beliefs.  cultivating healthy relationships  sharing your talents and skills  contributing to your community  communicating your thoughts, ideas and feelings.

13 Do Now #2 Personally, what dimension is the most important to your overall health and wellness? Why? Rank the dimensions of wellness 1-7, most important to least important. (Your personal point of view)

14 Group Work In small groups of 3-4 students each (7 groups total). Your group will come up with ideas to support why you believe your specific dimension of wellness is the most important. Be able to support your groups decision with examples. You are defending your dimension even if you don’t believe your dimension is most important, think of reasons why someone would feel that way.


16 Most Important? Wellness is much more than merely physical health, exercise or nutrition. It is the full integration of states of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being All dimensions are equally as important to be a healthy individual.

17 Physical Wellness Controllable Diet Exercise Alcohol Smoking Sleep Hygiene Uncontrollable Gender Genetics Aging Disease/Illness Injuries Metabolism

18 Overall Wellness Controllable Diet Exercise Alcohol Smoking Education Coping Mechanisms Religion Friends Hygiene Sleep Uncontrollable Gender Environment Genetics Aging Mental Health Family Cohesiveness Socioeconomics


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