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Retiree Benefits for Exempt Staff December 4, 2013 Human Resources BENEFITS.

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1 Retiree Benefits for Exempt Staff December 4, 2013 Human Resources BENEFITS

2 Primary Retirement Plan & Source of Retirement Benefits Exempt Staff 403(b) Plan TIAA-CREF & Fidelity Investments

3 Not certain of your primary retirement plan? Check your pay advice

4 Retiree Website 4

5 Criteria for UD Retirement Age/Service Any age and 30 years Age 55 and 20 years Age 60 and 15 years Age 65 and 10 years

6 Retiree Benefits 6  Health Insurance  Death Benefit  Blood Bank 100% Retiree Paid  Dental Program  Vision Plan  Life Insurance

7 University Retiree Benefits 7 Educational Benefits  Tuition Remission  Course Fee Waiver  Tuition Exchange

8 University Retiree Services and Privileges 8  University ID card  Library Privileges  Use of Athletic Facilities  Employee Rates for Cultural and Athletic Events  University Transit Services  Wellness Dollars  Retirement gift  Computer (email) Access  University of Delaware Campus Directory  Free Central-Lot Parking Permit

9 Retiree Health Plan Rates** Total Monthly Rate 100% State Share UD Retiree Pays Highmark (BCBS) - First State Basic Retiree$547.38$525.48$21.90 Retiree & Spouse$1,132.56$1,087.26$45.30 Retiree & Child(ren)$832.10$798.82$33.28 Family$1,415.74$1,359.12$56.62 Aetna - CDH Gold Retiree$566.54$538.22$28.32 Retiree & Spouse$1,174.70$1,115.98$58.72 Retiree & Child(ren)$865.60$822.32$43.28 Family$1,492.34$1,417.72$74.62 Highmark - CDH Gold Retiree$566.54$538.22$28.32 Retiree & Spouse$1,174.70$1,115.98$58.72 Retiree & Child(ren)$865.60$822.32$43.28 Family$1,492.34$1,417.72$74.62 Aetna - HMO Retiree$571.48$534.78$37.14 Retiree & Spouse$1,204.88$1,130.14$78.32 Retiree & Child(ren)$874.22$818.22$56.82 Family$1,503.44$1,405.72$97.72 Highmark - BlueCARE® HMO Retiree$571.94$534.78$37.16 Retiree & Spouse$1,208.70$1,130.14$78.56 Retiree & Child(ren)$875.10$818.22$56.88 Family$1,508.04$1,410.02$98.02 Highmark - Comprehensive PPO Retiree$624.94$542.14$82.80 Retiree & Spouse$1,296.80$1,124.98$171.82 Retiree & Child(ren)$963.12$835.52$127.60 Family$1,621.18$1,406.38$214.80 Individual Medicare Supplements (Retiree and/or Spouse, when Medicare eligible) for UD Exempt Staff who retired AFTER July 1, 2012 Total Monthly Rate 100% State Share Pensioner Pays (Per Person) Special Medicfill With Prescription Coverage$361.78$343.69$18.09 Special Medicfill WITHOUT Prescription Coverage *$205.06$194.81$10.25 * Medicare Supplement plans WITHOUT prescription coverage are provided for Medicare participants enrolled in a separate Medicare Part D Plan. ** 7/1/2013 rates **Medicare rates 1/1/2014

10 Retiree Health Insurance 10 Under Age 65  Same plans, costs and coverage as employees (Aetna & Highmark BCBS) Age 65 or Over  Highmark BCBS Special Medicfill Plan that supplements Medicare  UD pays 95% of the plan premium for all UD retirees

11 Spousal Coordination of Benefits (SCOB) Policy 11 Spouses who are retired (or will retire) from an employer who offers retiree health insurance coverage are now required to enroll in their employer’s retiree health plan, if: o Employer offers retiree health insurance coverage, o Spouse is eligible for this coverage, and o Spouse does not have to pay more than 50% of the total monthly premium. o Spouse is required to enroll in that employer’s retiree health plan at the time of his/her retirement, or (if already retired) the next opportunity to enroll. Compliance will be confirmed during the Flexible Benefits Open Enrollment period each year. o Employees and retirees who include their spouse on their UD/State health plan will be required to complete a Spousal Coordination of Benefits Form. Now Includes Retired Spouses

12 BCBSDE Special Medicfill 12 Medicare primary / Special Medicfill Plan secondary UD pays 95% of the plan cost for Retiree and Spouse Fills in, Supplements, and Adds Benefits to Medicare Coverage Must be Enrolled in Parts A and B of Medicare

13 Social Security & Medicare Websites: Medicare A: Hospital, skilled nursing, nursing home care (as long as custodial care isn't the only care you need), hospice, home health services Medicare B: Medically necessary and preventive services Medicare D: Prescription drug 13

14 Social Security & Medicare (cont’d) If you, or a covered dependent, will be Medicare eligible (typically age 65 or older) at retirement, contact HR-Benefits three months prior to your retirement date (date when you are no longer on the University’s payroll). HR-Benefits will provide a Social Security form (verification of your health plan coverage) that you will need to enroll in Medicare without any “late enrollment” penalty. When you are retired, you must enroll in Medicare (Part A and Part B) as soon as you are eligible, if you choose to have health coverage through the University. This requirement also applies to any covered dependent, as soon as they become Medicare-eligible, if you are retired. 18

15 Social Security & Medicare (cont’d) The retiree prescription drug program (for Special Medicfill participants) is now a group Medicare D plan. You are permitted to be enrolled in only one Medicare D Plan. Enrollment plan year for (non-Medicare) health, prescription drug, vision and dental insurance is July 1 to June 30. Enrollment plan year for Special Medicfill is January 1 to December 31. For 2013, Medicare Part B premiums (which you pay to Social Security) start at $104.90 per person per month, but your income may impact the premium that you will pay for Medicare. Please check with Medicare for details. 19

16 Retiree Dental Insurance / Premiums* 16 Dominion - Dental HMO Total Monthly Rate UD Pays Retiree Pays Retiree$22.68$0$22.68 Retiree & Spouse$42.14$0$42.14 Retiree & Child(ren)$45.42$0$45.42 Family$61.66$0$61.66 Delta Dental - PPO Plus Premier Retiree$31.62$0$31.62 Retiree & Spouse$64.54$0$64.54 Retiree & Child(ren)$63.34$0$63.34 Family$105.70$0$105.70 * Rates as of 7/1/2013 Retiree pays full premiums  Dominion Dental  Delta Dental

17 University Retiree Vision Plan* (NVA) 17 National provider network of ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and optical chain locations Coverage for eye examinations, frames/lenses or contact lenses and other vision related services In-network discounts on additional services ServicesFrequency Comprehensive Exam ($15 co-pay) 12 Months Lenses12 Months Frames24 Months Contact Lenses12 Months Monthly Premium Retiree Only $4.42 Retiree and Spouse $9.50 Retiree and Child(ren) $7.16 Family $13.06 * Rates as of 7/1/2013

18 RETIREE GROUP LIFE INSURANCE PLAN MetLife University employees who meet University retirement eligibility rules can continue (at the time of retirement) their group Basic Life insurance at their own expense. Retirees pay all premiums for this coverage directly to MetLife. Their toll-free number is 866-492-6983. MetLife will automatically continue the amount of Basic Life insurance coverage you have in effect just before you retire and bill you directly. Retirees who wish to reduce or cancel this coverage will need to do so in writing. Reduction Schedule for 5-Year Renewable Term Insurance Age% Basic Life at RetirementMaximum Amount of Basic Life Insurance Under 65Up to 100%Lesser of the amt at retirement or $1,000,000 65-6950%$150,000 70-7425% 75-7910% 80-84$10,000 85 & over$5,000 NOTE: The minimum amount of Basic Life Insurance for a retiree under age 80 is $10,000 Note: As the retiree’s age increases after retirement, this insurance reduces according to the above schedule on July 1st following the date you turn each age. Likewise, premiums would change in accordance with the Rate Schedule shown below. Anyone who discontinues premium payments or is over thirty days delinquent will be dropped from the program and will not be eligible to re-enroll.

19 Ready to retire? Exempt Staff: Contact Human Resources three months prior to your final day of UD employment. Questions about retirement? See HR Benefits website for up to date information, 19

20 20 Contact Information  University of Delaware: E-Mail: Phone: 831-2171  Fidelity: 800-343-0860 – Counseling Center 800-642-7131 – One-on-One Appointment Web access: Online Enrollment:  TIAA-CREF: 800-842-2776 – Counseling Center 800-732-8353– One-on-One Appointment Web access: Online Enrollment:

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