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Personal reading procedure!

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1 Personal reading procedure!
PRP Personal reading procedure!

2 Different reading strategies I !
Illustrating Reading aloud P2r system questioner

3 Illustrating! If you are an illustrating reader before you read you probably would want to get a few pieces of paper and something to draw/ paint with.

4 Illustrating! Now when your reading separate the pages into chunks and at the end of the chunks you probably stop and draw a picture/pictures of what you just read. Example: if you read about a clown.

5 Illustrating! Now when your done reading you should go over all the pictures and remember what happened at the times you drew the pictures. These pictures will help you remember the book if you have a test over it or if you just want to remember the book

6 Reading aloud! Reading aloud sometimes helps people to figure the book out easier then reading in your mind.

7 Reading aloud! If you are the type that likes to read aloud, First you probably go to a quite place where nobody can interrupt your reading and so you can hear yourself reading!

8 Reading aloud! Ounce you find a nice quite place you should separate your reading into chunks and read these chunks slowly and aloud so you can hear what you read.

9 P2r reading! Preview read actively review

10 P2r When using the p2r system you first probably would get a pen pencil and some paper . Ounce you have all these things you should separate the pages into chunks.

11 P2r Ounce you have separated the pages into chunks you need to go through and look at the titles and paragraph titles, pictures, or read the last few sentences to get an idea of what you are going to read.

12 P2r Ounce you have done this you may start reading your 10 page chunk. But as you read take notes of what you have read and write them down, but don’t do it in the middle of your reading read a section or a paragraph an then write down your notes.

13 P2r When you finish your ten page chunk you then need to go back and look over what you have read and try to remember what happened at that time in the book. Continue with the rest of reading!

14 P2r When you are completely done reading you need to go back through the book and look at all the notes you wrote down to help you remember what you just read so you don’t just forget everything you read. This will also help you if you have to take a test over the reading to remember all about it.

15 Questioner If you are a questioner reader you may ask very many questions.

16 Questioner If you read things asking questions you are going to need a quite place and a pencil and some paper to write down all your questions.

17 Questioner When you have figured at all these things you then need to separate all the reading into chunks so you only have certain amounts to ask questions over. While reading you then need to read little section and think of question pertaining to your reading. Like a word or why would the character to that or what just happened.

18 Questioner When you finish your chunk you need to go back and look all over all the questions you have and try and answer them. This will help you to remember the reading and it will help you figure out more about the reading!

19 Questioner When you are done reading your chunk and going over the questions you need to continue to do this until you are completely done with all your reading!

20 My reading styles and strategies
Questioner Illustrating Read aloud P2r Read to myself Read in a quiet place Read early afternoon/noon

21 ME When I read I like to find a nice quiet place to read. It helps me to concentrate more on my book and keeps my mind from wondering. I also like to read early in the afternoon so I am just awake and I'm not to tired.

22 ME When I read the material I like to read it to myself in my head. But when I get to a part that doesn’t make sentence or I am confused I will go back and read it aloud.

23 Me When I read I will use the p2r system to help me remember. I will first go over the titles and main headings to see what my reading will be about. I do this so I am not just lost in my reading. After this I will then get my papers and paper ready so I can write down what I need.

24 Me After I get my things ready I will then read a chunk of pages and stop. Then I will go back and write down what doesn’t make sense to me. This will help me to get the reading better. I may also write down all the main points that I should remember!

25 Me I will also write down all the questions I have about the reading. When I get tired of just writing down the things I need to remember or the main points, I will sometimes draw pictures. This helps me to remember the info in more than one way.

26 MY Reading styles/strategies!
My reading strategy is kind of a mix of a lot of reading strategies. But the main ones are illustrating, p2r, questioner, and reading aloud. These help me to get reading the best and I think I will stay with these reading strategies. My reading styles…….Their are way to many to talk about. But the main ones are reading in my head and reading in a quiet place. These help me to stay focused on my reading and only my reading.


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