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ISYS 350 Building Business Applications David Chao.

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1 ISYS 350 Building Business Applications David Chao

2 Business Applications 1. Database-centric applications –Examples: Login to a website Join a website to become a member Online shopping

3 Business Applications 2. Client/Server structure: a. Presentation – user interface Menus, forms, reports, etc b. Processing logic Business rules c. Database Client Database Server SQL queries Results

4 Business Applications 3. Multiple platforms –Non web-based applications Ex. Windows-based –Web-based applications Non mobile applications Mobile applications Cloud-based applications –Integrated applications

5 Business Applications 4. Component and service oriented architecture: –Component-based software development focuses on building large software systems by integrating previously-existing software components. –A service-oriented architecture is an information technology approach or strategy in which applications make use of services available, such as web services.

6 Example of Service WebserviceX.Net: –

7 Business Applications 5. Object-oriented, GUI, event-driven

8 Course Objective This course provides an overall introduction to modern technologies and concepts employed in the development of business applications.

9 Major Topics Concepts\TechnologiesJava framework MS.Net framework IDENetBeansVisual Studio Fundamental programming constructs MinorMajor GUI and event-driven programming DemoMajor Object oriented concepts and Class MajorDemo Database connectionMajorMinor Web application development MajorMinor Service oriented concepts: web service DemoMajor

10 Programming with the Java Development Kit and.Net Framework Programming with the Java Development Kit (JDK) and.Net Framework means making use of the classes, objects, and members exposed by the JDK and.Net Framework, building your own classes on top of these and manipulating the resulting objects using language constructs.

11 Required Software Visual Studio Professional 2012 –Free download is available at Microsoft DreamSpark website: –Click the link: Learn how DreamSpark works for a student Create an Account in the Get Started Now area JDK 7 with NetBeans 7.2.1 –First install Java JDK: ds/index.html ds/index.html Click JDK Download – Then download NetBeans with Java EE at:

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