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Safety procedures in sport

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1 Safety procedures in sport
Unit 3: Assessing risk in sport Kevin Browne

2 Learning outcomes You will tell me at the end of lesson what you though the learning aims were.

3 All sporting centres, facilities and events require a set of safety procedures to follow. These are called operating procedures and good practice. An example of a good practice within any sports organisation would include procedures for the following: Staff development Staff training Risk assessment Emergency protocols First aid Communication systems Safety procedures.

4 Operating procedures The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, state that organisations must have clear systems, policies and procedures in place for managing health and safety in the workplace.

5 Normal operating procedures (NOP)
Normal operating procedures set out the daily routine which must be completed in order for the facility to function. In order to carry out the routine successfully employers must be trained on how to complete safety checks. Highly trained staff in health and safety is very important in reducing the risks and hazards in order to protect the participants

6 Emergency operating procedures (EOP)
The emergency operating procedures relate to all the negatives that may occur at an organisation that require immediate attention. For example procedures are needed in case of a fire, bomb scare, accidents and injuries. By law employers must display copies of the procedures in case of such emergencies:

7 What to do when the alarm has sounded How to call the fire brigade
When creating a fire emergency procedure the following needs to be identified: How to raise the alarm What to do when the alarm has sounded How to call the fire brigade Where the fire extinguisher points are Where the emergency exits are What the fire escape route is Where the meeting points are Where the fire doors are (as designated on the fire certificate) Who the fire marshals are

8 For an accident you need to identify the following
Location of first aid point and box Name and location of trained first aid persons What to do if it is a serious accident

9 Task Emergency operating procedures flow chart Please see handout

10 Staff training and development
Regulations require that employers consult with employees on health and safety matters. The Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996 apply to all employees and safety representatives. There is evidence where employees are involved in making decisions in the way activities are developed and carried out. As a result the number of accidents that occur is reduced.

11 Staff training and development
All staff are entitled to training and they must go through this in order to be able to operate certain machinery or work with certain chemicals. If they do not have the training then the company could get in serious trouble and this could result in negligence

12 To manage and maintain safe working practices quality checks and audits need to be carried out against these standard operating procedures. The quality checks include regular health and safety inspections both internally and externally Internal inspection will be done by management and external inspections will be carried out by a range of health and safety organisations

13 Learning aims? What do you think they were? Did you meet them?
How do they relate to your assignment ? What do you need to know more off?

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