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Parts of flower.

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1 Parts of flower

2 Q What is life cycle? A: The life cycle of an animal refers to the stages of development from an egg to an adult which reproduce.

3 Q How life goes on? A: Life cycle goes on as life cycle repeat itself.

4 Q Name the reproductive parts of a flowering plant
Q Name the reproductive parts of a flowering plant. A: Female parts: a) stigma b) style c) ovary d) ovule (also called carpel or pistil) Male parts: a) Anther b) filament (stalk) (also called stamen) (The flower of a tomato plant has both male and female parts. Papaya plant has the male and female parts in separate flowers)


6 Q What is the sepal? A: The sepal is a leaf that protects a flower as a bud. When the flower opens, the sepals may fall off or remain as a ring underneath the petals.

7 Q What is petal? A: A petal is a flower which surrounds the reproductive organs (stamen and carpel) of the flower.

8 Q Why are petal bright coloured and scented
Q Why are petal bright coloured and scented? A: Petals are often brightly coloured and scented to attract insects.

9 Q Where are the female cells and male cells found in the plant?
Parts Found at Name of cell Male sex cell Anther Pollen grains Female sex cell Ovary Ovules


11 Male and female parts of flower

12 Q What is nectary? A: nectary is an area of cells at the base of the petals which can secrete a sweet sugary liquid called nectar, which attracts insects for pollination.

13 Male parts of a flower

14 Q What is stamen? A: A stamen is the male reproductive part of flower.

15 Q What is filament? A: A filament is the stalk of the stamen which supports the anther.

16 Q What is anther? A: It is a part of stamen that produces pollen.

17 Q What is pollen? A: Pollen is the yellow dust-like grains which contain the male sex cells of the plant.

18 Female parts of a flower

19 Q What is a carpel or pistil
Q What is a carpel or pistil? A: A carpel is the female reproductive organ of flower.

20 Name organs of carpel. A: Typically each carpel has a stigma, style and ovary.

21 Q What is the stigma? A: The stigma is the uppermost part of the carpel. Pollen lands on stigma.

22 Q What is the function of the stigma
Q What is the function of the stigma? A: It secretes a sticky substance so that pollen lands on it.

23 Q What is the style? A: The style is the part of the carpel between the stigma and the ovary. It holds the stigma of a flower.

24 Q What is the function of style
Q What is the function of style? A: The pollen tube grows through the style after pollination.

25 Q What is ovary? A: The ovary is the part of flower that become a fruit and contain one or more seeds (ovules).

26 Q What is an ovule? A: An ovule is a female sex cell.

27 Q What is the function of ovule
Q What is the function of ovule? A: The ovule is attached to part of the ovary wall. After fertlisation it develops into the seed.

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