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Creating System-Wide Support for Learning Coaches with Joellen Killion

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1 Creating System-Wide Support for Learning Coaches with Joellen Killion
Developed by ARPDC as a result of a grant from Alberta Education to support implementation

2 Roles of Coaches in Supporting Teachers
April 10, 2012 Joellen Killion Senior Advisor Learning Forward 10931 W 71st Place Arvada, CO

3 Outcomes Understand the different ways coaches support teachers and when each is appropriate Reflect on how learning coaches spend their time to assess their leverage for improving teaching and student learning Introduction of outcomes 1-2 minutes

4 Roles of Coaches Taking the Lead Government of Alberta Mentor
Learning Facilitator Learning Supporter Instructional Specialist Catalyst for Change Change Agent Data Coach Assessment Guide Resource Provider Resource Supplier Classroom Supporter Classroom Advocate School Leader Learner Lifelong Learner Curriculum Specialist

Learning coaches work to improve student achievement by providing local support to teachers to strengthen inclusive practices. ALBERTA LEARNING COACH DEFINITION

6 Mentor / Mentor Role Purpose Responsibility Mentor Build and maintain confidential relationships with teachers so that a high level of trust is created and maintained between the teacher and the learning coach. To increase the instructional skills of the novice teacher and support school-wide induction activities Mentor new teachers or support the work of building based teacher mentors Demonstrate lessons, co-teach, co-plan instruction Assist with “new-to-teaching” and “new to-the school” issues Assist with classroom management

7 Learning Supporter / Learning Facilitator
Role Purpose Responsibility Learning Supporter Learning Facilitator In collaboration with staff, identifying school needs in order to implement professional learning plans which will enhance teachers’ abilities to address the diverse strengths and needs of learners To design collaborative, job-embedded, standards-based professional learning Coordinate learning opportunities for teachers Design and deliver training Ensure that a variety of PD models are used: study groups, lesson study, examining student work, classroom visitation

8 Instructional Specialist / Instructional Specialist
Role Purpose Responsibility Instructional Specialist Building teacher capacity to explore the use of research-based teaching strategies and innovative promising practices (e.g., differentiated instruction, positive behaviour supports, universal design for learning, response to intervention) to ensure that all students have access to meaningful and effective learning opportunities To align instruction with the curriculum to meet the needs of ALL students Assist teachers in the selection and implementation of appropriate instructional strategies Assist teachers in the implementation of differentiation strategies Work with individuals and groups of teachers

9 Change Agent / Catalyst for Change
Role Purpose Responsibility Change Agent Catalyst for Change Promoting exploration and change in instructional practices (e.g., introducing innovative ideas, questioning practices, making observations, new technology). To create disequilibrium with the current state as an impetus to explore alternatives to current practice Introduce alternatives or refinements Make observations about current practice Ask hard questions about current practice Engage teachers in Evaluation Think

10 Assessment Guide / Data Coach
Role Purpose Responsibilities Assessment Guide Data Coach Helping teachers select, understand, and use data to improve instruction To ensure that student achievement data is used to drive decisions at the classroom and school level Identify school-wide and grade-level, department trends Supports teachers using data to improve instruction Facilitate data conversations that analyze student learning and identify next steps

11 Resource Supplier / Resource Provider
Role Purpose Responsibilities Resource Supplier Resource Provider Providing information and resources upon teacher request To expand teachers’ use of a variety of resources to improve instruction Assist teachers in locating information, materials, examples, of “best practice,” assessments of student learning Offer and recommend resource sites Update staff about current practices Find alternative teaching materials for differentiation of instruction

12 Classroom Advocate / Classroom Supporter
Role Purpose Responsibilities Classroom Advocate Classroom Supporter Building teacher capacity to explore innovative instructional practices through systemic modeling, co-teaching and feedback To increase the quality and effectiveness of classroom practice Model/demonstrate effective instructional strategies Co-plan and/or co-teach lessons Observe and give feedback to teachers

13 School Leader / School Leader
Role Purpose Responsibilities School Leader Working closely with school administration to promote and support school improvement that aligns with district vision To work collaboratively (with formal and informal leaders) to plan, implement, and assess school change initiatives to ensure alignment and focus on intended results Facilitate/serve on leadership teams within the school Assist with coordination of services of all coaches or resource personnel Serve as another set of eyes for principal with change initiatives Facilitate alignment among individual teacher goals and school goals

14 Lifelong Learner / Learner
Role Purpose Responsibility Lifelong Learner Learner Modeling, experiencing and promoting continuous learning experiences (e.g., asking questions, researching possibilities, seeking a variety of options To model continuous learning in order to keep current, be a thought leader in the school, and model reflecting on practice Model attitudes and behaviors teachers need to be successful Model applications of learning Proactively advocate for their own learning opportunities

15 Curriculum Specialist
Role Purpose Responsibility Curriculum Specialist To ensure implementation of adopted curriculum Deepening teachers’ content knowledge Aligning written, taught, and assessed curriculum Integrating content areas to provide additional opportunities for students to practice and apply their learning

16 Teacher Perceptions Based on the role descriptions, which roles do you think teachers consider the most important? Choice one and explain your rationale. Mentor Learning Supporter Instructional Specialist Change Agent Assessment Guide Resource Supplier Classroom Advocate School Leader Lifelong Learner

17 Influencing Teaching and Learning
Which roles do you feel are most important to strengthen teaching and student learning? Share one and explain our thinking. Mentor Learning Supporter Instructional Specialist Change Agent Assessment Guide Resource Supplier Classroom Advocate School Leader Lifelong Learner

18 Coaching Heavy / Coaching Light
Focus on results for students and changing practice Willing to challenge assumptions and practice Focus on teacher well-being Believes relationships are more important than results

19 Time Allocation Rank order the roles in terms of how learning coaches spend their time. Mentor Learning Supporter Instructional Specialist Change Agent Assessment Guide Resource Supplier Classroom Advocate School Leader Lifelong Learner

20 Factors that Influence Roles
What factors influence the roles of coaches? Who should select/determine the role(s) of coaches? What advice do you have about how many roles a coach fills?

21 Factors that Influence Roles
What is research saying about the roles of coaches?

22 Take Aways What are you taking away from our session today?
What is next step for you related to roles of coaches?

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