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SENCO Up-date Meeting June 2014. Outline of the session SENCO contact list DfE letter to parents Transition arrangements – statement to EHCP Provision.

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1 SENCO Up-date Meeting June 2014

2 Outline of the session SENCO contact list DfE letter to parents Transition arrangements – statement to EHCP Provision Guidance (Graduated Response) One Planning Where to find out more … SENCO qualifications 2

3 SENCO contact list Please make sure you type your name, school and e mail address on our Excel spreadsheet You will get the SENCO Bulletin sent to this address Soon, you will also get notification of any up- dates on the SEN pages of the Infolink 3

4 DfE letter to parents Questions you may get asked …. have you got the answers up your sleeve? 4

5 Transition arrangements SEN Statements to EHC Plans

6 Information Document consulting on transition arrangements published for consultation in October 2013 - wnloadableDocs/Transitional%20arrangement s%20document.pdf wnloadableDocs/Transitional%20arrangement s%20document.pdf Key points for transition likely to be: entering school, primary to secondary (though this may be at year 5), post 16 6

7 Information Other priorities – those where the school placement is at risk of breaking down Have 3 years and 2 terms to transfer all (by Easter 2018) No plan to use this as a means of reducing statements Requirement to consult on best way for transition to be arranged – this will happen in next 4 – 6 weeks Final plan will be drafted before the end of term 7

8 8

9 The LA will: Recruit some additional staff to support facilitation of the transitions, Eps, SAS staff, EPPS Provide training for all secondary SENCos and primary SENCos, where numbers of pupils with statements are particularly high Provide training for staff in special schools who have a responsibility for transition 9

10 The LA will Have information available for out of county schools Have the local offer available by September Work with individual schools to plan an transition schedule Write to all parents/carers about transition arrangements Provide information on the web site Consider holding parents events by area Liaise with SENCO clusters 10

11 Schools need to: Work in a person centred way – this is key Engage with the LA in relation to the new legislation and transition arrangements Concentrate on the process not the paperwork (there will be new paperwork, but the way we work with children and families is more important) Ensure you have the latest information – look at the Essex website, DfE website, local offer Ensure you have a schools offer and that it is up to date and reviewed Respond to the consultation 11

12 Provision Guidance Educational Psychology Team 12

13 13 What is the Guidance? It is a document based on good practice in schools, on-going review of psychological theory and research working with teachers in schools It is not an exhaustive set of guidelines and the focus is more on producing an accessible resource for teachers than on a research paper This is an evolving document that will ultimately be available electronically and will have links to the Local Offer

14 14 What is the Guidance? The purpose of the guidance is to support school staff in the process of building on current good practice and to help schools to develop systems, skills and structures for responding to pupils’ needs It reflects best practice in working with children with any special educational or additional needs

15 15 What does it include? Learning difficulties; including specific learning difficulties Sensory impairment - hearing, sight and multi- sensory Physical and neurological difficulties Speech, language and communication difficulties Social communication difficulties; including Autism Spectrum Social, emotional and mental wellbeing Early Years specific needs

16 16 How is the Guidance structured? Three main tiers of provision Quality First Teaching Additional School Intervention (SEN Support - building on Quality First Teaching) High Needs Support

17 The Provision Guidance In your groups please take some time to look at one of the sections of the new Provision Guidance to begin to familiarise yourselves with the layout and content. Please note what you like about the document and any improvements that you might like to suggest 17

18 Key Points If you are identifying and supporting pupils appropriately now then nothing will change and the document aims to support your ongoing practice. The full document will be available electronically. We will try to have a link inserted into an upcoming Education Essex. Please email any questions to We will create a list of FAQs which will be able to be accessed alongside the document. 18

19 19 One Planning Chris Perkins (One Planning project leader) has ‘taken over’ the Unified Plan section on the Schools Infolink, renamed as The One Plan Environment http://cms- ds/The%20One%20Plan%20Environment/Pages/The%20One%20Plan%20Environment.aspx http://cms- ds/The%20One%20Plan%20Environment/Pages/The%20One%20Plan%20Environment.aspx please keep an eye on this section as resources are uploaded One Planning = person centred planning/approaches (One Planning is an Essex term)

20 In the meantime …. Familiarise yourself with the how ‘person centred- outcomes led’ approach works Think about the outcomes and what you will need to have in place to work towards achieving them – you will need to develop skills in manipulating the situation to make sure these are educational! Consider what you are doing already … what have you got that fulfils a similar function? Can it be adapted? At review meetings from now on, focus on what is working and what is not working for each child – this will be a vital component of ‘one planning’ 20

21 Where to find out more SENCO Bulletin (it will be e mailed to you if you have given us your e mail address) The Infolink (any up-dates to the SENCO pages will e mailed to you if you have given us your e mail address) educational-needs’ educational-needs 21

22 SENCO Qualifications National Award for SEN Co-ordination Advanced SENCO and Advanced SENCO as Leaders MA dissertation Essex ‘super-duper’ SENCO project 22

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