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B LOOD C HEMISTRY How it affects Cardiovascular Disease.

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1 B LOOD C HEMISTRY How it affects Cardiovascular Disease

2 HDL’ S HDL= lipoproteins, which are combinations of lipids and proteins. HDL is considered the “good cholesterol”. Higher levels of HDL’s reduce risk of heart disease Healthy lifestyle changes can increase HDL levels.

3 LDL’ S LDL= low density lipoprotein…..BAD cholesterol LDL’s carry the cholesterol throughout the body for use by different cells, but if there is too much cholesterol it can build up on artery walls Plaque build up= blocked arteries= heart attacks and strokes Under 100 mg/dL = good level Age & Tests, diet, exercise, weight loss, medications

4 W HAT ARE T RIGLYCERIDES ? the chemical form in which most fat exists in food as well as in the body present in blood plasma and, in association with cholesterol, form the plasma lipids Triglycerides in plasma are derived from fats eaten in foods or made in the body from other energy sources like carbohydrates. Hormones regulate the release of triglycerides from fat tissue so they meet the body's needs for energy between meals.

5 H OW DO TRIGLYCERIDES CONTRIBUTE TO HEART DISEASE ? High triglycerides increased the risk of heart attack 3-fold High triglyceride levels are associated with risk factors for heart disease: low levels of HDL, high levels of LDL Hypertriglyceridemia= abnormal concentration of triglyceride in blood. Hypertriglyceridemia can lead to Atherosclerosis, where deposits build up in the inner lining of an artery, leading to the hardening of arteries.

6 W HAT IS A HEALTHY AMOUNT ? *These are based on fasting plasma triglyceride levels.

7 M AINTAINING NORMAL LEVELS … Lose excess pounds. Cut back on calories. Avoid sugary and refined foods. Limit the cholesterol in your diet. Choose healthier fats. Eliminate trans fat. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Exercise Regularly.

8 G LUCOSE Diabetics are twice more likely to get heart disease than non-diabetics People with diabetes also tend to get heart disease at an earlier age High blood glucose levels damage nerves and blood vessels

9 B LOOD P RESSURE High blood pressure killed 49,707 Americans in a year High blood pressure increases risk for heart disease and stroke, both leading causes of death in U.S. Among people with high blood pressure 31.6% are unaware they have it High blood pressure is easily detectable and usually controlled by life modifications: exercise, diet

10 B LOOD C LOTS Atherosclerosis Starts when platelets clump together around plaque Plaque forms when cholesterol & other substances build up in inner lining of arteries

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