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 Container Grown Trees and Shrubs are very popular nowadays.

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1  Container Grown Trees and Shrubs are very popular nowadays.

2  Sold and transplanted year-round  Plants can be grown in the same area  Uniform growing medium  Plants require no digging or balling of roots  Growing medium is usually lighter than soil  Container protects the root ball  Growing medium is generally sterilized  Cost lower

3  Initial cost higher.  Personnel must be trained in potting technique.  More water is required  If plants are over wintered, some protection must be provided  Transplanting to the landscape is more difficult for some plants because the soil less mixes  If left in containers too long, plants develop a circular pot-bound root system.

4  Garden flowers  Herbaceous perennials  Ground cover  Vines  Broadleaf evergreen shrubs  Narrow leaf evergreen shrubs  Deciduous trees

5  Windbreak – Strong winds can blow over containers  Weed Control – black plastic or groundcover fabric, or stones on the soil surface.

6  Durable  Insulated  Good drainage  Size of container  Cost  Appearance  Shape

7  Field grow fabric containers  Using copper spray to stop roots growing in a circle  Pot in Pot

8  Good drainage  Good aeration  Hold moisture well  Hold plant nutrients  Have proper PH range  Be sterilize of insects, weeds  Be economical and easily obtained  Be consistent in quality  Encourage good root development  Transplant well to the soil in the plant’s permanent location

9  Done by hand  Some nurseries have machines, but most don’t  Can touch each other, but don’t crowd

10  Weather  Plant growth  Planting medium  Kind of plant  Size of container  Type of container  Container surface mulch

11  Hand watering  Trickle Tube Systems  Overhead Irrigation

12  Liquid  Slow Release

13  Have sterile plant medium, containers, and growing site.

14 PRUNING:WINTER STORAGE  Mainly done to shape the plant or make it more compact  Place in greenhouse  Mulch around container  Use thermo blankets  Watch of rodent damage.

15 MARKETING TRANSPLANTING FROM THE CONTAINER  Spring and Fall the best  Biggest problem  The root system drying out  Not adapting to its new environment.  Reasons why: soilless mediums; thus add organic matter.


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