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Professional Informatics & Quality Assurance Software Lifecycle Manager „Tools that are more a help than a hindrance”

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1 Professional Informatics & Quality Assurance Software Lifecycle Manager „Tools that are more a help than a hindrance”

2 The Software Lifecycle Manager The Software Lifecycle Your Situation Our Offering Use at Deutsche Telekom Overview The Test Workbench The Report Manager The SLM as a Smart Toolkit

3 The Software Lifecycle

4 Your Situation … are high-priced, monolithic applications that force you to adapt yourself to their workflow? … are hard to install, customize and maintain? … have hijacked your data and you can‘t get them back? … don‘t exchange data between each other? … don‘t give you an overview of what your situation is? Your Software Lifecycle Management Applications

5 Our Offering Open Source XML data storage Open interfaces Smart Toolbox Effortless to install Ready for Use Extensive Reporting An integrated Test, Error Report, Change Request and Shipment Management Tool:

6 Use at Deutschen Telekom So far more than 1,5 years successful production as a test, error report, CR management and shipment tool > 4000 documents, > 100 user Zero downtime caused by the product, no loss of data, three times moved without friction Tailor-made adaptation to the needs of the project Automated test execution by integration of an external testing tool (Soap UI) Integration of two external error tracking tool and one CR management tool (automated data import and status feed back) -> one sight for project members Automated feeding of data in succeeding system. Automated generation of reports Individualized view of Reports „The back bone of the project.“ (Jens Raab, project leader)

7 Usage at Deutschen Telekom QA Navigation Software Lifecycle Manager User Acceptance Test (extern) Deploy- ment Shipping Manage- ment System Test Production Issues Change Requests Soap UI

8 Integration of Soap UI Test Case Soap UI Project Test Workbench Test Automation Soap UI export execute Preparation Error Reporting Execution Execution Message Reporting Report Manager

9 Overview (Test Workbench) Test CaseTC Set CampaignTC Execution Statistics Request Report Manager Export/Import

10 Overview (Report Manager) Test Workbench CR Report Technical Report Statistics Fix Source Ship Doc Interfaces

11 The Software Lifecycle Manager The Test Workbench

12 The Test Workbench The Test Workbench is a.Net application focused on effort re-use, ease of use and significant reporting for all of your test activities.

13 TC Editor

14 TC Editor Editor to create or alter Test Cases. Features: Link to Requirement Chain TCs ‘Save as New’ ‘Save & New’ Export/import Attachment of external Files (e.g. for test- automation)

15 TC Set Compiler

16 TC Set Compiler Tool to compile Test Case Sets. Features: Summary Calculations Jump to Test Case Editor

17 Campaign Manager

18 Campaign Manager

19 Campaign Manager Testing Campaign compile and tracking tool. Features: TC sets customizable Assign tests Execution Overview (Status, Statistics) Navigate to TC set, TC, TC execution, PR

20 TC Executer

21 TC Executer Test Execution facility. Features: Automatic time taking Edit TC ‘Error’ button launches Problem Tracker, presets data and links the documents ‘Next’ for executing test chains Tests executable within or outside a campaign

22 The Software Lifecycle Manager The Report Manager

23 Report Manager A Report Tracking Tool: For Error Reports, Fixes, Change Requests, Shipments 100% Web Application (no installation required for users) Full Report Administration (assigning, status tracking, forwarding etc.) Navigation to all documents (including Test documents) 100% Customizable (Open Source) Supports connections to external reports

24 Technical Report

25 Fix Editor

26 CR Editor

27 Report Overview

28 Shipment Report

29 Statistics Generator Statistical Data Export Tool. Exports all relevant data as csv files, ready to be used with spreadsheet calculation applications. (Excel templates are provided)

30 Statistics Generator

31 Test Case Statistics

32 Test Case Statistics

33 Report Statistics

34 Report Statistics

35 Collaboration Manager

36 Collaboration Manager Merges documents of a campaign, i.e. –Adds new tests to the campaign –Adds execution data to the campaign –Adds Problem Reports to the campaign Export attaches locks Import minds locks Tool to export and import all relevant data of a test campaign. Features:

37 Test Automation Support Interface for Automated Test Execution Reporting Interface for Automated Error Reporting Communication through HTTP Platform independent Plug in to manage automated tests. Turns Unit Tests and other test scripts into managed test projects with project control, status overview and reports. Features:

38 The Software Lifecycle Manager The SLM as a Smart Toolkit

39 Technical Features The SLM products are implemented in a fashion, that makes them easy to configure, ready for adaption to customer request, independently useable, open for integration and extraordinarily robust.

40 Technical Features XML based documents that allow import and export at any point in time Full queryable Database DB storing independent from document structure Universal document identification -> free document exchange, databases mergeable (UID server) Low data interlacing Independency of applications Flexible document linkage allowing swift navigation Multiple databases supported Database independent Server independent

41 SLM Interfaces Service to report a problem (via HTTP) Interfaces to synchronize with external reporting tools Plug-Ins for report status change Interface to set report status Service to read the status of a report Report import/export etc.

42 SLM System Installation

43 SLM Configuration Configuration fully customizable Customizable data: –Status flags –Error codes –Report types –External Sources –Project data (applications, sections, releases) etc. Fully localized (National Language Support)

44 SLM Implementation Layered implementation concept Modular, loosely coupled Designed for customized development Application Layer is Open Source

45 Report Manager Architecture

46 Test Workbench Architecture

47 SLM Application Robustness Formal check through DTDs Full document reload after saving Extended error handling (error base class) with Sophisticated error log (location of 90% of all errors identified by just interpreting the log)

48 QA Navigation SLM Summary

49 Summary … offers you all facilities required to handle all activities that accompanies software development. … enables you to manage your testing activities while offering re-use capabilities of your test effort. … is a tool that allows effortless customization. … provides easy integration into your legacy infrastructure through its open document format and its modularity.... is ready to be customized to meet your specific requirements. The QA Navigation SLM…

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