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4-D2 Your Choices Today Make a Difference Tomorrow.

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2 4-D2 Your Choices Today Make a Difference Tomorrow

3 Do these pebbles represent your idea of the choices you have to make? 4-D3

4 4

5 5

6 6

7 7

8 8

9 9 requires a strong academic foundation. Photograph licensed from PictureQuest, LLC. Global Competition...

10 4-D10 Career Opportunities Demand is growing for highly skilled workers. Photograph licensed from Getty Images, Inc.

11 Where are the qualified applicants? “We can place roughly 17% of job applicants because many applicants simply lack the necessary basic educational skills required in today’s labor market.” -Texas Workforce Commission In other words, for every 25 applicants, 21 do not qualify, and only 4 job applicants qualify.

12 4-D12 Prepare now for life! Photograph licensed from PictureQuest, LLC. High school choices are important. You will work 40 to 50 years of your life. Choose something that you enjoy doing!

13 Challenging high school classes are important You’ll be better prepared for college You can earn better scores on the SAT and ACT college entrance exams. You’ll be more likely to qualify for a HOPE scholarship as well as other scholarships and grants.

14 What kind of paycheck would you like to take home? What kind of job can a person expect to get if they drop out of high school? What would it pay? What is the current minimum wage? How much would you make at minimum wage job, Working 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, without vacation? How hard is it to live on minimum wage? $7.25/hr $15,080.00

15 4-D15 IMAGINE… Your job as a high school graduate… $24,000 per year = $2,000 per month Photograph licensed from Getty Images, Inc.

16 4-D16 How far does a $24,000 annual salary go? Federal Income Tax (10%)$200$1,800 Social Security Tax (7.65%) 153 1,647 Medical/Dental Insurance 50 1,597 Housing (Rent—1 Bdrm., Unfurn.) 400 1,197 Food 300 897 Car Payments 300 597 Insurance 100 497 Gas, Oil, etc. 60 437 Telephone 25 412 Utilities 100 312 Clothing 50 262 Entertainment 50 212 Savings 50 162 Personal Items 50 112 Medical Expenses 25 87 Furniture, TV, Appliances 75 12 Miscellaneous 12 0 $2,000 Monthly Budget Amount Remaining

17 4-D17 Education Pays: 2006 Georgia Average Annual Wages Professional degree$126,400 Doctoral degree$65,000 Master’s degree$60,400 Bachelor’s degree or higher (plus work experience) $89,900 Bachelor’s degree$56,900 Associate’s degree$47,900 Vocational or Technical Training$31,600 Source: Georgia Workforce Trends, Georgia Department of Labor

18 4-D18

19 4-D19 Fastest Growing Occupations in Georgia, 2004-2014 # Occupational Title2014 Projected Employment Annual Average % Increase 1 Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts 15,1804.9 2 Computer Software Engineers, Applications20,1004.7 3 Home Health Aides11,3004.5 4 Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software 17,3204.5 5 Physician Assistants3,1204.5 6 Medical Assistants16,3804.4 7 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers 1,6604.1 8 Dental Hygienists7,3004.0 9 Dental Assistants9,3503.9 10 Network and Computer Systems Administrators 11,2703.8

20 4-D20 How much can you earn? OccupationSalary Accounting$54,630 Database Administrator$64,600 Electrical Engineer$75,930 Physical Therapist$66,200 Physician Assistant$74,980 Registered Nurse$57,280 Hospital Social Worker$48,420 Source:

21 4-D21 Who is your competition for the hot jobs? The other students in this room The other students in your community The other students in Georgia The other students in the U.S. All other students around the world

22 4-D22 What is Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship Program?  HOPE stands for Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally  Funded by the Georgia lottery  Financial assistance for selected students in most degree, diploma, and certificate programs  Scholarships or grants available for most public or private colleges, including technical colleges, in Georgia  Some monies available for GED students  Specific requirements and further information available at Photograph licensed from Getty Images, Inc.

23 4-D23 Look into your future! You must prepare yourself NOW by making choices that will give you Good Options later on in your life! Visit or call 1-800-505-4732 to get Photograph licensed from Getty Images, Inc.

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