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Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group. Agenda Quick Intro Announcements and News Business Process / Workflow in SharePoint 2007 Digital Forms.

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1 Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group

2 Agenda Quick Intro Announcements and News Business Process / Workflow in SharePoint 2007 Digital Forms in SharePoint 2007 Q&A

3 Develop and support a local community focused on Microsoft SharePoint Technologies Educate user group members about SharePoint Technologies Transfer knowledge within the community Communicate best practices Introduce new products / solutions User Group Goal / Objectives

4 Inetium ( Twin Cites based Microsoft consulting company Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Practice Area focused on Information Worker Technologies New Horizons – Minnesota ( Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Training on many technologies Microsoft ( I’m guessing you’ve heard of them Introductions – MNSPUG Sponsors

5 Website for user group SharePoint resource documents SharePoint resource websites links RSS Feeds Meeting Schedule Past User Group Presentations Watch for changes soon! V3…?

6 Public preview release of 2007 Microsoft Office System Server and client applications available for download (requires registration) More info at: Office Delay News and Announcements

7 Next Meeting August 9 th 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Microsoft’s Bloomington Office Topics: Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2007 Ongoing Schedule 2 nd Wednesday of every month 9:00 to 11:00 am Microsoft’s Bloomington Office Upcoming Schedule

8 Business Intelligence Collaboration Search Business Forms / Processes Portals Content Management SharePoint 2007 – Key Microsoft Investment Areas Collaboration BusinessIntelligence Portal Search ContentManagement PlatformServices Workspaces, Mgmt, Security, Storage, Topology, Site Model Business Forms / Processes

9 Business Processes in SharePoint Server 2007

10 What is ‘workflow’? “A workflow is a natural way to organize and run a set of work units, or activities, to form an executable representation of a work process” Do you need WSS or MOSS to fulfill your workflow needs? Will you need SharePoint Designer and/or Visual Studio for your workflow needs? Introduction to Workflow in SharePoint

11 SharePoint 2003 Custom Development Third Party solutions (K2, Nintex, etc…) SharePoint 2007 (WSS and MOSS) Custom Development Third Party solutions Built-in capabilities SharePoint Workflow Today and Tomorrow

12 Built-in workflow capabilities Workflow is linked to lists and libraries SharePoint Designer Integration with Office Can be linked to Content types Extending with.NET (Windows Workflow Foundation) Digital Forms InfoPath on the server Web Mobile SharePoint 2007 Workflow

13 SharePoint Roles and Responsibilities

14 All Document Libraries Approval Collect Feedback Collect Signatures Disposition Approval List-specific Translation Management Issue Tracking Out of the Box Workflows

15 Visibility into running workflows Visibility into completed workflows Basic Workflow Capabilities

16 Workflow Options Multiple configuration options Allow rerouting Due dates Serial and parallel Default start values Time limits

17 Demo Approval Workflow

18 SharePoint Designer 2007 Formerly Front Page 2003 Designed with SharePoint in mind Allows users to create new workflows Associate workflow to a list or library

19 Demo Creating a Custom Workflow w/ SharePoint Designer

20 Activity - Action taking place Condition – Flow state evaluation Flow Types Sequence Process in control Familiar Visio Model State User in control Freely moves between states Extending Workflows with.NET - Terminology

21 Structured Ad Hoc Visual Studio and Workflow SDK Out-of-the-Box Solutions (with customization) SharePoint Designer Workflows Document Review (parallel) Document Approval (serial) Custom Routing Signature Collection Server Features List Moderation Publishing Process Document Expiration Translation Process Ringi (eApproval) Task & Issue Tracking (WSS, Access, & Project) LOB Integration (BizTalk) Custom Form Actions Email Notification Exception Handling Document Processes Spec Review Weekly Status Report Custom Tracking Apps Service Requests Asset Tracking Purchase Order Processing Extending Workflows with.NET – Why Use?

22 Default Flows might lack specific feature SharePoint designer missing action Custom data or actions needed Existing Windows Workflow investment Expose the full power of.NET Extending Workflows with.NET – Why Use?

23 Developers.Net 3.0 Who is Windows Workflow Designed for?

24 Extending Workflows with.NET What does it all Mean? Workflow now a core.NET feature Workflow can be ‘hosted’ anywhere SharePoint is Microsoft’s first host Custom applications can host it as well Standardized Format XML based file format Widespread Availability

25 SharePoint Workflow SharePoint Designer 2007Visual Studio 2005 Designer for Windows Workflow Can write workflows for Windows SharePoint Services or SharePoint Server Workflow is authored against and data-bound to specific list at design time Workflow is authored as a template, which can be associated with multiple sites and lists Workflow markup, workflow rules, and supporting file are stored, uncompiled, in a specific document library on the site Workflow markup file, or markup and code-behind files, are compiled into workflow assembly Automatically generates ASP.NET forms, which you can then customize Can use any forms technology. For example, ASP forms for Windows SharePoint Services workflows, or InfoPath forms for SharePoint Server workflows InfoPath forms integration not availableCan use custom symmetrical InfoPath forms, which enables Office client integration of custom workflow forms Must use activities providedCan author custom activities for inclusion in workflows Automatically handles deployment to specific listPackage workflow assembly and workflow definition as a SharePoint feature, and deploy to the site Can author only sequential workflowsCan author both sequential and state workflows

26 Extending Workflows with.NET – But I don’t code! Actions can be deployed to Sharepoint Designer Workflows can be distributed as features Community and 3 rd Party Involvement The “K2” Question Community Sites with Actions and Workflows Alternative Editors instead of SharePoint Designer

27 Demo Tour of Custom Workflow with Windows Workflow

28 Break

29 Digital Forms in SharePoint Server 2007

30 Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 Client application for designing forms Smart Client for filling out forms Microsoft Forms Server (Part of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) Allows you to fill out forms via Web and Mobile Improved Workflow Integration Managed forms templates to host trusted forms Forms with code-behinds Mobile-enabled forms Manage Data Connection Files Office 2007 Forms Landscape

31 Primary tool for building InfoPath forms Smart Client for richer functionality including code-behind InfoPath 2007 Client

32 Demo: Simple InfoPath Form

33 Web capabilities Mobile capabilities Integration with Outlook Word and Excel conversion Template Parts Improved deployment options Connection to workflow Document Information Panel (DIP) InfoPath Improvements

34 Fill out forms via the web InfoPath Client NOT required.NET code-behind supported Requires publishing to forms server Smart Client Only Features: –Some Controls –Filters, Roles, ADO Adapter –Some Script, Custom Task Panes InfoPath 2007 – Browser Enabled

35 Compatibility Checker Checks for feature compatibility Browser checker AND InfoPath 2003 compatibility InfoPath 2007 – Browser Enabled

36 InfoPath forms in Multiple Browsers Multiple browsers –Internet Explorer –Firefox –Netscape Multiple platforms –Windows –Macintosh –Linux –Unix

37 InfoPath forms on Mobile Devices Uses mobile browser

38 InfoPath forms on Mobile Devices Uses mobile browser

39 InfoPath Forms Folders Published columns show up in Outlook Form is embedded in Outlook InfoPath in Outlook

40 Demo: Outlook Forms Integration

41 Multiple Options for setting up Blank Web Service Database XML or Schema Connection Library (NEW) Uses Office Server for master list Creating InfoPath Forms based on Data

42 Improved Import Word and Excel forms Import Options Layout Only Layout and Form Fields (default) Layout and Form Fields (custom) Importing Forms

43 Smaller modular components Can be used in multiple forms Blank XML or Schema Great for reuse Creating InfoPath Template Parts

44 Demo: Template Parts

45 Facilitates metadata entry Associate InfoPath form with a content type Associate a content type with a document library New documents will contain the custom DIP Document Information Panel

46 Demo: Custom DIP

47 Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Developer Center Developer Introduction to Workflows for Windows SharePoint Server V3 and SharePoint Server 2007 Windows SharePoint Services v3: Workflow Developer Starter Kit for Windows SharePoint Services v3 4640-B9E4-45440DC388D9&displaylang=en MSDN Webcast coming up: July 18th: Developing SharePoint Workflows using VS 2005 &eventcategory=4&culture=en-us&countrycode=us Resources

48 Windows Workflow : Community Created Activities: More Resources

49 Thanks for coming!

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