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Problem Solving Decision Making Conflict Resolution

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1 Problem Solving Decision Making Conflict Resolution
Health Team Relations Tina Marie Hunt, RN, BSN

2 Problem Solving Process
Two important things to remember Problems and conflicts happen all the time Use this time to improve the situation or relationship

3 Three common things people do when facing problems
Wish it would go away because they are uncomfortable or afraid Find an answer – right answer, right now Look for someone to blame

4 Two reasons why we see a problem as a problem
It has to be solved and we’re not sure how to find the best solution There will be conflicts about the solution to the problem

5 Conflict - averse Feeling uneasy about dealing with conflict because we feel something bad is going to happen. Goal- become conflict friendly and competent.

6 Biggest Challenge for problem solving
Trying to come up with a solution immediately Note: the solution should be at the end of the process, not the beginning.

7 Seven Steps to problem solving process
Identify the issues Be clear about what the problem is. Perception is a key factor- everyone has their own opinion.

8 Seven Steps to problem solving process
Understand everyone’s interest Critical step- time for listening – omit personalities Interests are the needs that you want satisfied by any given solution. Best solution is one that satisfies everyone’s interest.

9 Seven Steps to problem solving process
List possible solutions creative brainstorming think, think, think, think, think

10 Seven Steps to problem solving process
Evaluate the options What are the pro’s and con’s? Select an option or options. Is there an option or a variety of options that can be used together to get a solution.

11 Seven Steps to problem solving process
Document the agreement(s) Don’t relay on your memory Putting it on paper allows a more detailed thought process.

12 Seven Steps to problem solving process
7. Agree on contingencies, monitoring, and evaluation. Change occurs, be prepared Create chances to monitor compliance and follow up You may have to do one step more than once. Always use a disciplined problem solving process

13 Blocks to problem solving
Fear of failure Tunnel vision Over seriousness Over certainty Binding customs Fear of the unknown Command Pressure

14 Blocks to problem solving
Failure to properly identify the problem Failure to communicate or seek advice lack of adequate information to make valid assumption not involving everyone Not identifying the desired outcome.

15 Decision Making Process
Decision- act of making a choice or coming to a solution Risk- element of danger Precaution- action taken to prevent or decrease the element of risk in an event Consequence- result of an action

16 Steps of decision making process
State the situation that requires a decision. List choices Make a decision and act on it. Evaluate the decision Note: Effective decision making skills promote individual, family and community health.

17 Conflict Resolution The act of settling any dispute or disagreement between two or more individuals without it resulting in violence or court costs.

18 Organizational Conflict Resolution
Conflicts that arise within an organization. The type is dependent upon the organization. Some examples are as follows: Educational institutions Religious Non-profit governmental

19 Conflict Mediation An individual designated to act as a neutral party to help other individuals resolve conflicts. This empowers the individuals to make a decision, agree among each other, and grow from the experience. Mediator must remain neutral.

20 Tips for being successful
Communicate effectively Listen actively Educate yourself on a daily basis Read, it increases your thought processes Believe in yourself In order to succeed, you must believe Set realistic goals Be honest with yourself- Is it Possible?

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