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WCO Economic Competitiveness Package “Symposium on WTO Trade Facilitation for African Countries” Nairobi, Kenya 13-15 November 2012.

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1 WCO Economic Competitiveness Package “Symposium on WTO Trade Facilitation for African Countries” Nairobi, Kenya 13-15 November 2012

2 Background  Economic uncertainty due to ongoing Global Financial Crisis  WTO negotiations  Regional integration Customs’ contribution  Promote Revised Kyoto Convention and other tools  Enhance cooperation among all stakeholders in international trade  Share best practices among Members  Develop new tools as appropriate  Capacity building 2 Economic Competitiveness Package

3 ECP: Economic effects Examples of Trade Facilitation Interventions Better border and Customs management Improved infrastructure Open and competitive market in logistics and service sector Harmonized regional standards Poverty reduction/ Prosperity WCO instruments Customs in 21 st Century Revised Kyoto Convention SAFE Framework of Standards, etc. ECP 3

4 Revised Kyoto Convention SAFE Framework of Standards Time Release Study Guide Authorized Economic Operator Data Model Single Window Compendium Transit SMEs Globally Networked Customs Risk Management Compendium Integrity Coordinated Border Management Information Exchange ECP: Conceptual chart 4 Informal Sector

5 Action Plan in December  Regional outreach to assess Members’ needs  Case studies to share best practices  Develop new or adapt existing tools as necessary  Capacity building Promotion of Revised Kyoto Convention  Strategic discussion on the role of RKC Management Committee  Implementation, interpretation and systematic review 5 PC/Council recommendation: Way forward

6 Action Plan Awareness-raising and Member’s needs assessments 4 Areas and 20 Actions for the enhancement of Economic Competitiveness Promotion of existing instruments and Tools Regional seminars/workshops, Publication, Needs assessments, etc. Regional strategic plans, Capacity building, Donor coordination meetings, Accreditation of more experts, E-learning for the RKC, etc. Collection and dissemination of best practices on existing tools and Informal trade, SMEs, CBM and Transit, etc. Collection and dissemination of best practices Development of new tools, Further research on ECP, regular reporting to the PTC, etc. Development and elaboration of the ECP 6

7 Schedule of existing instruments and tools The Schedule provides technical details of all related instruments and tools. It describes prime text and supporting instruments & tools in each area. Section 1 - PRIME TEXT INSTRUMENTDESCRIPTION AND AVAILABILITY 2-4-1 Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC) Standards 6.3 to 6.5 of the General Annex to the Revised Kyoto Convention set out principles of Customs Risk management. The Guidelines to these Standards cover many aspects of risk management, including control method, supporting infrastructure and examples of a Customs control process. The Legal Text is available here. The Guidelines are available on the WCO online shop. 2-4 Risk Management Section 2 - SUPPORTING INSTRUMENTS & TOOLS INSTRUMENT/TOOLDESCRIPTION AND AVAILABILITY 2-4-2 The Compendium on Risk Management The Compendium was adopted by the Customs Co-operation Council in 2011 - The compendium contains the systematic application of management procedures and practices which provide Customs with the necessary information to address movements or consignments which present a risk. The Compendium is available here. (Example) 7

8 5 Areas and Examples of tools and instruments Publication, Establishment of Official Website, Establishment of Enquiry Points, Advance Ruling, etc. Formalities and Requirements, Simplified Procedures, Risk Management, Audit Based Control, AEO, etc. Standardization & harmonization of sets of data, Unique Consignment Reference, Single Window, etc. Customs to Customs Partnerships, Customs to Business Partnership, etc. Time Release Study, Customs International Benchmarking Revised Arusha Declaration Recommendation on the use of world wide web sites by Customs Recommendation on the application of HS Committee Decisions Technical Guidelines on Binding Origin Information 1. Transparency & Predictability Compendium on Risk Management Post Clearance Audit Guideline AEO Guideline ATA Convention Istanbul Convention Customs Guidelines on Integrated Supply Chain Management SAFE Framework of Standard 2. Modernized Procedures & formalities WCO Data Model WCO Unique Consignment Reference WCO Single Window Compendium 3. Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Nairobi Convention SAFE Framework of Standard Model Bilateral Agreement 4. Partnership and Cooperation TRS Guide Customs International Benchmarking Manual 5. Performance Measurement 8

9 Thank you Mrs. Milena Budimirović Technical Officer Procedures and Facilitation Sub-Directorate World Customs Organization

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