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WISER: Humanities Finding journal articles Isabel Holowaty & Elizabeth Crowley.

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1 WISER: Humanities Finding journal articles Isabel Holowaty & Elizabeth Crowley

2 Franklin P. Adams “I find that a great part of the information I have was acquired by looking something up and finding something else on the way.”

3 Where would you look for a journal article? A.Google B.JSTOR C.Library catalogue D.Bibliographic database E.Oxford University e-Journals F.Don't know

4 Lucky Dip: You may or may not find a journal article; you certainly won’t find all relevant ones.

5 JSTOR never includes recently published articles and only searches a selection of journals.

6 Library catalogues only include books, journal titles, etc. but NOT JOURNAL ARTICLES!

7 Not all journals/ issues exist electronically. Oxford doesn’t subscribe to all ejournals. Not all ejournals can be searched in a single platform  Use a bibliographical database

8 Structure of the session What are bibliographic databases? What is there is for my subject? How do I find them? How do I locate the full-text? Hands-on session

9 A Bibliographical Database is… … a database of information about journal articles may include books, book chapters, reviews, dissertations etc. also called Abstracting & Indexing databases (A&I) searchable by author, title, journal title & subject export citations to bibliographic software email, print or download your search results It is not: a database of what is in available in Oxford but of what has been published. a repository for full text journal articles, though can provide links to the articles indexed.

10 Indexes for Humanities: British Humanities Index Indexes over 320 internationally respected humanities journals and weekly magazines, as well as quality newspapers published in the UK and US 1962-present, updated monthly. Major areas of coverage include: Architecture, Archaeology, Art, Antiques, Cinema, Current Affairs, Education, Economics, Environment, Foreign Affairs, Gender Studies, History, Language, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Painting, Philosophy, Poetry, Political Science, Religion, Theatre. Other useful indexes for Humanities Arts & Humanities Citation Index (Web of Science) Francis


12 Indexes for English: MLA Bibliography Indexes over 4,000 journals covering literature, linguistics, language and folklore 1926- present A user guide is available from the English Faculty Library website: Other useful indexes for English Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature (ABELL) Arts & Humanities Citation Index (WoS) Linguistics Abstracts Online


14 Indexes for Theology: ATLA Religion Includes index citations to journal articles, essays in multi- author works, and book reviews Indexes back to 1949, with selected records going back to 1818 Focuses on Biblical studies, world religions, Church history, and religious perspectives on social issues Contains article citations from 650 journals, essay citations from 14,000 multi-author works, and book review citations Has direct links to over 70 journals in full text Other useful indexes for Theology Philosophers’ Index International Medieval Bibliography


16 Indexes for Philosophy: Philosophers’ Index Provides indexing and abstracts from books and journals of philosophy and related fields. 1940-present Covers the areas of ethics, aesthetics, social philosophy, political philosophy, epistemology, and metaphysic logic Also includes material on the philosophy of law, religion, science, history, education, and language Other useful indexes for Philosophy PsychInfo (Philosophy of Mind) Web of Knowledge (Philosophy of Science)


18 Indexes for History: Historical Abstracts Indexes over 2,000 journals on history and related fields 1954-present Covers world history (excl. N America) and historiography from 1450 to the present Indexes journal articles, books, dissertations, chapters, book reviews Includes abstracts Good presence of foreign language journals Special search feature: period search Other useful indexes for History America: History & Life (N America) Bibliography of British & Irish History (formerly RHS Bibliography) International Medieval Bibliography


20 Finding 19 th century journal articles Poole's Index to Periodical Literature Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodical Literature, 1824-1900 Reader's guide to periodical literature, 1890-

21 How do I find a Bibliographic Database? Via OxLIP+ There are different tabs: title, subject and other options Using these tabs, you can: - search by title e.g. Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) - search by subjects e.g. music - select a type of database, e.g. abstract/index, by selecting ‘other options’

22 Cross-searching in OxLIP+ Databases can be searched simultaneously, using keywords Example: Vita Sackville-West References will be listed Some will be available in full text, some will be in hard copy

23 Finding the full-text ‘Find it at Oxford’ button; - OLIS - E-Journals via OxLIP+ Articles can then be saved or printed Items on OLIS can be found in a library

24 Finding E-Journals Also via OxLIP+ −If you know what the title starts with −If you know a word in the title −If you know the exact title The coverage and publishers are shown

25 Points to remember 1.Bibliographic databases and journal indexes are provided for: - finding scholarly, subject specific articles, book chapters, etc. - indicating what has been published on a given subject 2.E-journals might not have the same coverage as print collections, and some recent issues will have a delayed electronic release date 3.To access electronic resources from outside the University network, you will need to use your Single Sign-On account A quick guide to accessing electronic resources from outside the Oxford network is also available from OULS

26 OULS Subject Librarians Sue Usher, English Librarian Isabel Holowaty, History Librarian Hilla Wait, Philosophy & Theology Librarian Charlotte Goodall, Classics Librarian Martin Holmes, Music Librarian Clare Hills-Nova, Italian (Lang & Lit) & History of Art Librarian Nick Hearn, French (Lang & Lit) & Slavonic Subject Librarian Jill Hughes, German (Lang & Lit) Johanneke Sytsema, Linguistics Librarian

27 Thank you for coming to this session Hands-on session:

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