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1 British Insurance Brokers’ Association BIBA Presentation

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1 1 British Insurance Brokers’ Association BIBA Presentation

2 2 UK’s leading general insurance intermediary organisation. Not for profit. Represents brokers/intermediaries Who is BIBA?

3 3 BIBA’s mission statement: Promoting – Our Distribution channel and industry Influence – Decision Makers Maintaining – A Stable Business Environment (FSCS) Supporting – Protecting Members Interests

4 4 BIBA is the voice of the industry Representing members to Government, the Regulator, media, consumer bodies and other stakeholders. Offers training via the Broker Academy (including face2face and broker ASSESS) Unique schemes and facilities Technical advice Guidance on regulation Helping to raise industry standards Conference What does BIBA do?

5 5 Democratic organisation / BIBA members input GIBC/Board Regional committees Technical committees BIBA’s structure

6 6 Representation - Corporate Affairs Agent of the client (differentiate our distribution channel) Build relations of trust (Government, regulator, Which?, CBI, Media) Aim to influence Bills, Regulations, Media, Public understanding of brokers Consultations

7 7 Engaging BIBA members and committees in policy making process Helping to clarify BIBA’s key messages Bringing a focus to key priorities Providing a valuable platform for political and media engagement Target Lists – Gov/regulator/Media BIBA Manifesto

8 8 v Aim – Regulation of Travel Agents for connected Travel Insurance to create level playing field Example of an award winning sustained campaign

9 9 Future of regulation FSCS Review Signposting Review of the IMD Law commission review of Insurance Law Motor insurance (select committee, NI Guide, DVLA Access) Flooding (Government working parties and resilient repair) Current Campaigns:

10 10 HM Treasury – Regular liaison, Bill team, Signposting, Floods, Gender, Insurance Forum Consumer Group DEFRA/Environment Agency – Flood Cabinet Office – Business resilience (SME’s) Department for Transport/DVLA, Transport Select Committee, licence access, CIE, e-certs. All Party Insurance Group – Parliamentary reception, Flood, FSCS, regulation. BIS – Brokers OFT – Comparison Sites Government Activity

11 11 Forums Website Compliance Rules Financial Conduct Authority Financial Services Compensation Scheme Insurance Mediation Directive Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) European Federation of Insurance intermediaries (BIPAR) Regulatory Support

12 12 E-mails Website Broker Magazine Media Guardian Supplement Mail on Sunday / Ask the Expert Case Studies Research (Benefits of Brokers, Advice, suitable Insurance) Social Media; Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube C ommunications

13 13 Benefits broker ASSESS Find a Broker online/helpline Member Contacts Don’t just join, join in! Membership

14 14 Schemes/Facilities Committees Advice Technical Briefings Industry Agreements PI Initiative Technical

15 15 Networking event of the Year Attendance records from 2011: - 4152 Attendees - 174 Exhibitors - 2526 Brokers Free to all BIBA member firms Date for Diary; 16 th & 17 th May 2012 - Manchester Central Annual Conference

16 16 Thank you

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