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Civil War Review Unit 1 Review. Question 1 What is the Fugitive Slave law?

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1 Civil War Review Unit 1 Review

2 Question 1 What is the Fugitive Slave law?

3 Answer The Fugitive Slave Law stated that runaway slaves had to be returned to the owners (even if they escaped to the North). Did this law support the beliefs of the North or the South?

4 Question 2 How did the views of the North and South differ?

5 Answer The North believed that slavery should be abolished, and the south believed that slavery should be permitted.

6 Question 3 What is the difference between a free state, a slave state, and a border state?

7 Answer A free state does not permit slavery. A slave state allows slavery. A border state is a state in the Union that allows slavery.

8 Question 4 Why is Fort Sumter Significant? Bonus: Where is Fort Sumter located (city and state)?

9 Answer It is the location where the Civil War began. Bonus: Charleston, S.C.

10 Question 5 Why did the Southern states decide to succeed from the Union?

11 Answer The southern states feared that they would lose their rights (particularly their right to own slaves.)

12 Question 6 Who was Harriet Tubman? Did her efforts support the beliefs of the Union or the Confederacy?

13 Answer Harriet Tubman was a former slave who led other slaves to freedom with the Underground Railroad. Her efforts supported the beliefs of the Union.

14 Question 7 Who led “the march to the sea?”

15 Answer William T. Sherman led “the march to the sea,” and burned Atlanta and many other cities in his path.

16 Question 8 What is the name of the person who led the Confederates in the Civil War?

17 Answer General Robert E. Lee led the Confederates in the Civil War.

18 Question 9 Why was the battle of Antietam important during the Civil War?

19 Answer The Battle of Antietam was the deadliest battle during the Civil War.

20 Question 10 Why was Clara Barton an important person during the Civil War?

21 Answer Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross.

22 Question 11 More soldiers died from disease and sickness than battle wounds. TRUE or FALSE

23 Answer TRUE

24 Question 12 Where was the Civil War mostly fought?

25 Answer The Civil War was mostly fought in the South.

26 Question 13 Who was Ulysses S. Grant?

27 Answer He led the Union troops during the Civil War.

28 Question 14 The Civil War is the deadliest war in history. True or False

29 Answer TRUE

30 Question 15 What are the advantages and disadvantages of fighting a war in the south for the Confederacy?

31 Answer Advantage: The confederates were already familiar with the climate and land, which gave them an advantage during battles. Disadvantage: The continuous fighting led to the destruction of towns and crops in the south.

32 Question 16 Why was Harriet Beecher Stowe an important person during the Civil War?

33 Answer Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a book called “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” The book described the terrible lives that slaves led.

34 Question 17 What is the John Brown Raid?

35 Answer John Brown attempted to start a slave rebellion by protesting at the Army post in Virginia.

36 Question 18 Why was the Dred Scott case significant?

37 Answer Dred Scott is a slave who went to court to fight for his freedom. He believed since he had lived in free states earlier in his life, he should be released from slavery. The judge ruled that Scott could not go free. This raised awareness about the unfair treatment of slaves, but it was ultimately a victory for the Confederate states.

38 Question 19 How did president Lincoln feel about slavery?

39 Answer President Lincoln did not want to take away the states’ rights, but he did want to eventually abolish slavery.

40 Question 20 What was the Emancipation Proclamation?

41 Answer The Emancipation Proclamation stated that all slaves were to be freed. It took effect in the North immediately and in the south after the conclusion of the Civil War.

42 Question 21 Lincoln was president of the ____________

43 Answer Lincoln was president of the Union.

44 Question 22 Who won the Civil War?

45 Answer The Union won the Civil War.

46 Question 23 How did the North plan to defeat the South during the Civil War?

47 Answer The North planned to use “total war” to wear down the South until they were so tired they would give up.

48 Question 24 Why did the North have an advantage during the Civil War?

49 Answer The North was very industrial. They had factories to make weapons and supplies. They North also had more soldiers.

50 Question 25 Why did the South decide to surrender?

51 Answer The South did not have enough men to fight or food to eat. They were out of supplies, and the North had surrounded them.

52 Question 26 Where did the Confederates surrender at the end of the Civil War?

53 Answer The south surrendered at the Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia.

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