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Wind Energy By: Lizzy Jones,Katherine Mentecki, and Karin Sundquist.

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1 Wind Energy By: Lizzy Jones,Katherine Mentecki, and Karin Sundquist

2 Overview Resource Information  Where it comes from  How it works  History Interesting Facts Environmental Impact Advantages / Disadvantages Outputs Resources

3 Where it Comes From Converted solar energy Hot air rises Cold air takes place, causing wind Wind turns blades

4 Useful Vocabulary Weather / Climate conditions  Has to be in windy area  Too much wind harms equipment Wind farm  Many turbines grouped together  Makes large amounts of energy Other vocabulary words you should learn are in bold and italics on the slide.

5 How it Works Wind pushes blades Blades attached to a hub  together called the rotor Rotor spins drive shaft Gearbox makes shaft faster Drive shaft turns generator to make energy Generator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy

6 How it Works Picture Hub –Where blades are attached Nacelle –Contains drive train, gearbox and generator Roter Blade –Converts wind energy to rotational shaft energy Gear Box –Helps generator spin fast enough to make electricity Speed Increases

7 History 3500 B.C. –Egyptians use for sailboats 1100 A.D. –Appear in Europe –Used by farmers Pump water Grind grain into flour 1888 –Charles F. Brush –Electricity 1990s –Environmental concerns promote wind energy 2007 –US wind energy capacity increases by 45% Old Dutch Windmill, Common in Denmark

8 US Increases Wind Energy

9 Interesting Facts Weather device tells blades to catch more or less wind Denmark manufactures many windmills Many in Germany, Denmark, and California Wind farm on Coast of Denmark

10 Vertical Vs. Horizontal Axis Vertical –“egg-beater” –Axle is vertical Horizontal –“propeller” –Axle is horizontal

11 Environmental Impact Takes up lots of space Renewable Affects endangered birds Green energy

12 Advantages Wind is free Good for pumping water Reasonable cost Renewable source Good for rural areas

13 Disadvantages Need 3x the amount of installed generation to meet demand Limited to windy areas Can only use small generator size Need many to generate enough energy Need expensive energy storage Climate dependant  Wind can damage equipment Noisy

14 Four Outputs Type I NNo smog GGenerates energy Type II LLoud MMight not always work LLooks ugly Type III PPeople profit from having it on property Type IV HHurt endangered birds

15 Conclusion Good,clean way to create energy Has few drawbacks Not enough to support world

16 Resources Questions???

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