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Which is the Rotary Club of the Future? Why did you join Rotaract?

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2 Which is the Rotary Club of the Future?

3 Why did you join Rotaract?

4 Friendship Personal Growth & Development Opportunity to serve Entertainment & Fun Family Program Prestige Leadership Development Public Speaking Skill Development of Vocational Skill Development of Ethics Continuing Education Cultural Awareness World Citizenship Reasons for Joining

5 Prior GenerationNew Generation / Youth Social ConsiderationThe desire to do something important outside the workplace. Stature in the CommunityThe desire to work within a Group of Peers Business NetworkingOpportunity to develop Leadership Skill Entertainment Connection with our Community Reasons for Joining Rotary

6 What keeps you in your Club?

7 “Engagement” is a key distinction Between Members of a club Let’s talk about: Resume Rotarians vs Real Rotarians

8 Why is it important to engage our members?

9 To engage a member means more than just occupying them or keeping them busy. To engage a Rotary member means to challenge them personally, professionally, and civically to be involved and committed to the club’s mission and activities. Engagement fosters real interest in what the club is doing. Engagement increases bonding between members. Engagement is important to the club and Rotary because engaged members feel their investment in time and money are valued, appreciated, and make a difference.

10 What strategies club can use to engage its members? Engaging Members : at Rotary Club of BhiwandiDinesh Pandya : 07.08.2013

11 Measure & Examine Club’s History of Engagement and Member Retention Rate Provide Pre-Induction Orientation Program Greet – Assign a Job – Introduce Develop a Mentor & Education Program Conduct a Reception for New Members Log New Member Activities the first year After Year One- Recognize & Interview Advocate New Member Opportunities Provide Networking & Professional Development Opportunities Be Innovative – Highlight the Reasons We Stay in Rotary Member Engagement Plan

12 Engaged members tend to stay in Rotary. A lack of engagement is at the core of many of the reasons expressed by those club members who voluntarily leave.

13 Case Study Rotary Club of Super City is 40 years old club. Membership strength is 55 members and average age is 50 year. Three Rotaract clubs were sponsored by this club. A group of 14 Rotaractors (8 men and 6 women) had joined the club this year. How you will engage these newly inducted Rotarians, as group / individually? ( 5 minutes for discussion and one minute for presentation to each group)

14 Membership Attraction Membership Attraction  What are some of the critical items necessary to keep members engaged?  How does retention relate to getting new members?  Why don’t Rotarians recruit?  Benefits of recruiting new members

15 Membership Attraction Membership Attraction  What are the target groups open for Rotary membership?  How do you find leaders in these groups to join Rotary?  Quality vs. Quantity

16 Membership Attraction Membership Attraction  Join a Rotary Club?  Take a critical look at your club!  Is it attractive to new members?

17 Create an “Attraction” Element of a Membership Strategic Plan Create an “Attraction” Element of a Membership Strategic Plan  How to choose a recruitment campaign committee.  How will it set goals?  How will the campaign be promoted to potential members?  What time frame? Short? All year?  What methods will you use to attract potential members?  Where will club members find prospects?  Will advertising help?  Will a classification survey help?  What new risks will the committee take?

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