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You and Your Liver Amy V. Kindrick, M.D., M.P.H..

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1 You and Your Liver Amy V. Kindrick, M.D., M.P.H.

2 Hepatitis is a disease of the:  Brain  Heart  Liver  Intestines

3 Hepatitis C Is Caused By:  A virus  A bacteria  A genetic defect  Alcoholism

4 Hepatitis C Infects:  More people than HIV  The same number of people as HIV  Fewer people than HIV

5 Hepatitis C can be life threatening  True  False

6 There is a vaccine for hepatitis C  True  False

7 Hepatitis C can be spread by:  Contaminated food or water  Blood transfusions  Needle sharing  Tattooing and body piercing  Direct contact with blood (cuts, eg.)  Touching a person with hepatitis C  Sexual activity

8 How many people with hepatitis C will develop chronic liver disease?  All  About 20%  About 50%  Between 80% and 90%

9 Where is My Liver?

10 Normal Liver

11 Normal Liver and Gall Bladder

12 The Liver Purifies Your System

13 Storage

14 Synthesis

15 Transformation

16 What Is Hepatitis? Infection or irritation in the liver Causes –Viruses –Medications –Toxins

17 Is There Only One Kind of Hepatitis?

18 What Is Hepatitis C? Caused by a virus in the blood of people with Hepatitis C Damaging to the liver Spread by contact with the blood of an infected person

19 <1 % 1–2.4 % 2.5–4.9 % 5–10 % > 10 % No data available

20 The Hepatitis C Virus

21 How Did I Get Hepatitis C?

22 Groups of People at Risk For Hepatitis C Vets (especially Viet Nam) Cesarean section before 1990 Mother with hepatitis C before delivery Unexplained illness in infancy Alcoholic HIV-infected Hepatitis B-infected Prison inmates


24 You Can’t Get Hepatitis C From Breast feeding Sneezing Hugging Coughing Sharing cups or eating utensils Food or water Casual contact

25 How Do I Know If I’m At Risk For Hepatitis C? Ask your health care provider for a test if you –Were told that you received blood from a donor who later tested positive for hep C –Received a blood transfusion or solid organ transplant before July 1992 –Received blood products before 1987 –Have ever injected drugs (even once) –Have abnormal blood tests for liver function


27 What Are the Symptoms of Acute Hepatitis C? Maybe none Some or all of the following –Headache –Nausea –Vomiting –Abdominal pain –Jaundice –Weakness and fatigue –Gray stool –Dark urine

28 What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Hepatitis C? Often none Fatigue Cirrhosis –Weight loss –Jaundice –Swollen legs and abdomen –Nausea and vomiting

29 Jaundice


31 Healthy Liver

32 Liver with Cirrhosis

33 What Happens If I Get Cirrhosis?

34 Esophageal Varices

35 Hepatocellular Carcinoma


37 How Can I Keep From Getting Hepatitis C? Don’t share needles, works, or straws Don’t share razors, manicure tools, or toothbrushes Wash hands before and after shooting Avoid contact with anyone else’s blood Use clean needles every time Use condoms every time you have sex

38 How Can I Take Care of My Liver? NO ALCOHOL See your provider regularly Be careful with medications –Tylenol –Aspirin –Some herbs, vitamins and supplements Get vaccinated against Hepatitis A & B


40 Are Vitamins Always Healthy?

41 How Can I Protect Others? Don’t donate blood, tissue, or sperm Clean up spilled blood with a strong disinfectant, and keep skin injuries bandaged Don't share razors, toothbrushes, pierced earrings, or other personal items with anyone Use condoms if you have multiple sexual partners, or when having sex with an infected person Don't share chewing gum or pre-chew food for a baby

42 Make certain any needles or other sharp implements for drugs, ear piercing, manicuring or tattooing are properly sterilized (with bleach for 30 seconds twice)

43 What If I’m Pregnant? 5 out of every 100 babies born to mothers with Hep C will be infected Infection usually occurs around the time of birth There is no treatment to prevent transmission

44 Are There Any Treatments for Hepatitis C?

45 What Else Can I Do?

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