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Paul Mundy Concept notes A brief summary of your project idea.

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1 Paul Mundy Concept notes A brief summary of your project idea

2 What is a concept note? Brief summary of what you want to do in a project: 1-6 pages Submit to donor or partner early in the project conceptualization Asks the donor or partner:  Are you interested in funding this?  Do you want to work with us on this?  Does this fit into your strategy? If yes, then submit a full project proposal Some donors call a project proposal a “concept paper” (15-30 pages!)

3 Why concept notes? Forces you to write down what you want to do early on  Helps you conceptualize Saves you work of developing full proposal  Danger of rejection a lot of work Allows you to develop ideas further Gives donor or partner enough info to decide whether they are interested  Helps them make decisions Saves them work  Do not have to look at long documents Lets them influence your ideas

4 Developing a project proposal Send a concept note Evaluation by donor No contact with them allowed! Develop project ideaLook for potential donors or partners Check their strategy Discuss informally with your contacts in the partner or donor organization Develop full proposal Jointly with partner or donor? Send concept note to donor as part of competitive bid Send them full proposal Interested?

5 Simple concept note Text Title Introduction Purpose or rationale Project description  Goals  Activities  Benefits expected Lists Project implementer Location Timing, duration Partners Beneficiaries Indicators of achievement Budget  Total amount  Major categories Contact info

6 A GIZ model: used for partners in India Title Introduction Objectives and activities Location Stakeholders  Beneficiaries  Collaborators Executing agency and structure Duration and budget Results matrix 2 pages

7 Form used by Cities Alliance 4-page form, full of instructions and guidance Fairly detailed description of the project Completed form = 6 pages

8 Cities Alliance Section 1 - General proposal information (1 page) 1.1 Title of proposed project 1.2 Submission date 1.3 Proposal submitted by 1.4 Contact person 1.5 Recipient organization 1.6 Other implementing organization 1.7 City Alliance members sponsoring the project 1.8 Type of sponsorship 1.9 What is the main project theme? 1.10 Geographic scope of the project 1.11 Expected project duration 1.12 Budget summary Section 2 – Project background (1 page) 2.1 Project background and rationale What is the context of the project? What are the key issues to be addressed? Why is this project needed? How different it is this project from other or earlier projects on the same issue? Lots of detail!

9 Cities Alliance (2) Section 3 – Project description (2 pages) 3.1 Project objectives and results What is the main objective of the project? What are the expected outcomes of the project What are the main activities and outputs of the project? 3.2 Project approach How does this project initiate, complement and/or leverage other urban development programmes? How will the project facilitate broad participation of stakeholders and build partnerships among urban actors? How will the project scale up and institutionalize its approach? How will the project engage financing partners to provide capital for the implementation of plans and strategies to be developed by the project? How will the project capture experiences and results, facilitate learning processes and disseminate knowledge? More detail!

10 Cities Alliance (3) Section 4 – Project and fiduciary risks and arrangements (1 page, checkboxes) 4.1 Project risks Will the project entail any social risks? Will the project entail any environmental risks? Will the project entail any other risks including, but not limited to political and financial risks? If the answer was yes to any of the three above questions, please describe the type of risks involved in the project and the mitigating measures to be undertaken to minimize those potential adverse impacts. 4.2 Fiduciary risks Is the Recipient a registered organization under the countries’/cities’ legal requirement? Can the Recipient provide proof of registration and years of operation? Does the Recipient have (or can open) a bank account? Is the Recipient liable for audit? Does the Recipient follow any Procurement Guidelines and if so can this document be provided for review? Is the Recipient familiar with World Bank Procurement Guidelines? 4.3 Project implementation arrangement 4.4 If approved, would this activity have no-objection by the national government? Even more detail!

11 Cities Alliance 4 Key activities WhoYear 1Year 2Budget Semester 1Semester 2Semester 1Semester 2 1. Component 1.1 Activity 1.2 Activity 1.3 Activity 1.4 Activity 2. Component 2.1 Activity 2.2 Activity 2.3 Activity 2.4 Activity Section 5 - Project schedules and deliverables (1 page) And a detailed budget too

12 If they give you a form Fill it in! Put your information into the correct headings Answer the questions  Don’t just cut & paste Don’t repeat information in two places

13 References Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management. Writing a concept note. note Research on Poverty Alleviation. 2007. Guidelines for preparing concept notes and proposals for research on pro- poor growth and poverty in Tanzania. Special Paper 07.23. EPOA%202007%20Guidelines%20for%20concept%20note s.pdf EPOA%202007%20Guidelines%20for%20concept%20note s.pdf Hanover Grants. Brief: How to write a concept paper. Concept-Paper.pdf Concept-Paper.pdf Providence College. Concept paper template. research-and-programs/Pages/Concept-Paper- Template.aspx research-and-programs/Pages/Concept-Paper- Template.aspx

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