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Obama. the white house’s web page sident-obama.

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1 Obama

2 the white house’s web page sident-obama

3  The organization definitely has the right credentials to properly provide this information  The White House is both known and trusted  The White House gives good information to promote the president of the United States of America

4  This source could be considered a primary source for the presidents background information.  It has both been through a formal publication, and contains copyright information.  This cite is biased for making Obama look good because its promoting his administration.

5  Barack Obama as the post-racial candidate for a post-racial America: perspectives from Asian America and Hawai‘i

6  Purpose: The article has a defined purpose and informs the reader.  Type: Scholarly  It is organized and focused. It is divided well and lists the sources as it goes.

7  Jonathan Okamura: PhD, Anthropology, University of London, 1983  Could be a credible source because his degree is in Anthropology so it connects him to social outcome of the election.  He has written four other books, all of them are about Asian-American history and inequalities.  The information is up to date, just a year old.

8  Bias: He is for Obama, talking about him being an honorary Asian-American.  Its complementing him on his success for a post-racial election.

9  Leadership the Barack Obama Way : Lessons on Teambuilding and Creating a Winning Culture in Challenging Times

10  Author: Shelly Leanne  She has written four books on Obama and his campaign. One book on South Africa minorities.  She has a PhD in Minority Studies.

11  Publisher: McGraw Hill  Has similar books about technology and money.  They write a lot of text books  For her bibliography she used over 40 sources.

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