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Gillian Heron Information Officer (North) NHS 24 Knowledge Team NHS 24, Riverside House, Riverside Drive, Aberdeen AB11.

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2 Gillian Heron Information Officer (North) NHS 24 Knowledge Team NHS 24, Riverside House, Riverside Drive, Aberdeen AB11 7LH

3 WHAT IS NHS24? NHS 24 – A Clinical Organisation NHS24 has established a new patient focused service which provides the people of Grampian and Greater Glasgow (and eventually all Scotland) with nurse led advice, guidance, referral and information on health and healthcare services through a network of leading edge contact centres.

4 Letting the public know New advertising campaigns Commitment to increasing accessibility: Language Line (for non-English speakers) Typetalk (for deaf, speech impaired and hard of hearing) Call 08454 24 24 24

5 What is NHS24? Two services: Nurse consultation Health information

6 NHS 24 Core Services Patient Call Handler Health Information Adviser Social Services Community Nursing Midwifery Interfaced Services A&E / Acute GP OOH Scottish Ambulance Service Integrated Services PharmacyDentalGP IN Hrs NHS 24 Scottish Ambulance Service Nurse Adviser Self care advice

7 Benefits to the Public Access 24 hours Equity across Scotland Convenient High quality service Consistency of information and advice ‘Not Sure?’ - reassurance One stop shop One national telephone number A single gateway

8 Benefits to the NHS Opportunities The most appropriate care Reducing inappropriate workload Maximising the use of other health professions e.g. pharmacy One stop through integration Reducing duplication of effort Single gateway Health alert management

9 NHS 24 Health Information Service

10 The Knowledge Team Jonathan Cobb Programme Sponsor North Team Isabelle Laing Health Information Manager Gillian Heron Information Officer Doreen Moore Information Assistant West Team Katie McGlew Health Information Manager Anna Morris Information Officer Francois Menard-Noens Information Assistant John Howard Programme Manager (CGEY) East Team TBA Health Information Manager TBA Information Officer TBA Information Assistant

11 Knowledge Programme - 2003 Health Board Integration Data Update and Maintenance Content Development Knowledge Management Operations Systems Development Essentia Transition NHS 24 On Line

12 Health Information Service The Health Information Service: Supports NHS 24 clinical endpoints Validates and encourages health information seeking Is based on knowledge communities Resource Library - Offering ‘patient’ and ‘professional’ health information Enquiry service – basic and complex

13 Example Basic Enquiries Type A ‘I’ve just moved to the area, and I want to register with a GP. Where’s my nearest surgery?’ ‘It’s Sunday afternoon – are there any pharmacists open?’ ‘My son’s been diagnosed with asthma. Where can I find out more about the condition?’

14 Answering Type A Enquiries HIS – “The Directory” Mentor Plus Leaflet Collection Internet – Approved Websites

15 Example Complex Enquiries Type B ‘I’m concerned that my child doesn’t get enough to drink during the day at school, and I want to raise this at parents’ night. Is there any evidence to show that children concentrate better when they drink plenty of water?’ ‘I’ve been suffering from ME for several years, and I’m looking for more information about ways of managing my symptoms. My doctor and my local support group have been sympathetic, but there must be more I can do. Could I read about current research into ME?’

16 NHS Health Scotland / NHS 24 Partnership Type B enquiries referred to NHS Health Scotland Library (Health Promotion Library Scotland) Based in Edinburgh Special health board Open to everyone who lives or works in Scotland. Used by NHS Health Scotland staff, health professionals, students, public

17 Where we are now… Locations of Care Diseases and Conditions Health and support groups (voluntary organisations) Social Care Leaflets

18 NHS24 Health Information Service The future…. Complete coverage of Scotland by 2004 Development of existing Health Information Services ….a developing organisation

19 Other Sources of Health Information Where do people currently find health information? Local health libraries – health board health promotion departments Voluntary organisations Support groups Internet Family and friends ?

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