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Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Pre-Proposal Conference Sourcing and Contracts Management System (CMS) Solution Request for Proposal FQ-12166.

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1 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Pre-Proposal Conference Sourcing and Contracts Management System (CMS) Solution Request for Proposal FQ-12166 March 19, 2012

2  Introductions  Purpose of the Conference  Overview  Project Timelines  Proposal Submittal Requirements  Evaluation Criteria  Basis for Award  Solicitation Terms and Conditions Agenda

3 Purpose The purpose of this conference is to provide prospective offerors with the following  An overview of the Authority’s requirement for its Sourcing Contract Management System (CMS)  To provide an opportunity to ask and receive answers to questions concerning the solicitation terms and conditions  Reinforce the submittal requirements  Provide clarification of the Statement of Work Note: All responses to questions and any additional information given is not the official response and does not change any of the terms or conditions of the RFP. All changes to the RFP will be made via a written amendment. Offerors are required to submit their questions in writing to the Contracting Offer in order to receive an official response.

4 Goal This project is for WMATA to acquire a best in class sourcing and contract management solution that standardizes and optimizes WMATA’s sourcing and contract management processes, provides transparency to the organization and meets all statutory requirements, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and internal compliance standards. Overview

5 5 Project Objectives  A centralized electronic repository of all WMATA sourcing and contracts.  Sourcing and contract management transparency to the organization.  Improve effectiveness and efficiency of the procurement organization for sourcing and contracting activities  Ensure accuracy and completeness of information to meet internal and external compliance and audit standards.

6 Key Things to Note….  The objective of the RFP is to articulate Authority’s requirements and need for a contractor to implement and accomplish the Authority’s objective of establishing a single, system for managing the Authority’s Sourcing and Contract Management activities from procurement planning to contract close-out.  The Statement of Work (“SOW”) is for services encompassing all activities necessary to obtain and successfully implement a Sourcing and Contract Management System and its supporting infrastructure (personnel, business processes, and technology).  The awardee will be required to provide all necessary labor, materials, services and supervision required to satisfy the requirements of this SOW.

7 Procurement Timeline Procurement ElementsTarget dates Solicitation (RFP) Release Date03/09/12 Pre-Proposal Conference03/19/12 Responses Due Date04/05/12 Technical Evaluation Phase end date 04/20/12 Source Selection Decision04/25/12 Award of Contract04/30/12 Issue Notice to Proceed04/30/12 Contractor Work Start Date05/14/12

8 Requirements are specified in the solicitation. Refer to attachments A, B and C Statement of work specified under Part III Technical Specification 8 Statement of Work

9 Implementation timeline is through December 2012 Implementation is proposed in two phases – Phase I for Sourcing and Phase II for Contract Management Sourcing Implementation by October 31 st 2012 and Contract Management by December 31 st 2012 Business Support Services for both Phases of Implementation Extended technical support, per the solicitation 9 Project Timeline

10 10 Proposal Submittal Requirements The DBE requirements are attached in the solicitation in Appendix B. The DBE requirement goal for this contract is twenty-five (25) % unless a good faith waiver is requested and approved. New Vendors Vendors and Contractors who have NOT done business with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) must register in the WMATA Vendor Registration System. Registration is located at

11 11 Proposal Submittal Requirements SUBMITTING OFFER Envelopes containing Technical and Price proposals must be sealed and separately marked and addressed to: WASHINGTON METROPOLITAN AREA TRANSIT AUTHORITY 600 5th Street, NW Washington, DC 20001 Room 8E Attn: C. Erik King/CA PROPOSAL SHALL BE TIMELY MAILED OR HAND DELIVERED TO REACH WMATA BEFORE 2:00 P.M. (LOCAL TIME) April 5, 2012 ON DAY OF PROPOSAL CLOSING.

12 12 Proposal Submittal Requirements Proposal Format  Price Proposal – Volume I  Technical Proposal – Volume II  Solicitation Offer and Award Form – Volume III  Representations and Certifications – Volume III  Pre-Award Data – Volume III  Acknowledgements of Amendments - Volume III  Proof of Insurance – Volume III  Appendix B (DBE) – Volume III FAILURE TO SUBMIT ANY PORTION OF THESE REQUIREMENTS AS SPECIFIED MAY CAUSE YOUR PROPOSAL TO BE CONSIDERED NON-RESPONSIVE AND SUBSEQUENTLY REJECTED.

13 13 Proposal Submittal Requirements The offerors shall provide the submittal requirements as listed in the Solicitation document for each scenario:  Scenario 1 - COTS Implementation Using WMATA Infrastructure  Scenario 2 – Hosted-Cloud Solution Integrated with WMATA internal systems

14 14 Evaluation Criteria Technical proposals will be evaluated based on the criteria specified in the Solicitation  Technical Approach to the solution A description of the proposed contract management system’s overall functional and technical capabilities A description of how the solution meets WMATA requirements identified in Attachments A, B and C. offerors are to complete Attachments A, B and C, indicating a “yes” or “no” in a column titled “Software Meets Requirements Out- Of-The-Box. ” Explaining any “no” responses in the “comments” column.  Project Work Plan and Schedule A Project Plan describing key tasks, timelines, resources, critical path Project Management methodology Team composition and access to project resources  Past Performance

15 15 Basis for Award / Contract Type  BASIS FOR AWARD- BEST VALUE Award Will Be Made To That Offeror:  Whose offer is judged to be an integrated assessment of the evaluation criteria to be the most advantageous to the Authority based on technical merit and price (“best value”);  That the Authority deems responsible in accordance with WMATA Procurement Procedures Manual.  The Authority will award a single Firm Fixed Priced Contract

16 Federally Funded Solicitation Need to satisfy all terms and conditions You may take exceptions to terms and conditions but should explicitly state them in the commercial proposal and your rationale for the exceptions Review both general T&C’s and special provisions 16 Solicitation Terms and Conditions

17 17 Solicitation Terms and Conditions  Audit Records-negotiation Certificate Of Current Cost Or Pricing Data  Patent And Rights In Data  Rights In Technical Data  Access To Records  Proprietary Rights

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