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Ideas for Using Boardmaker

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1 Ideas for Using Boardmaker

2 Use Boardmaker to Make communication boards. Create calendars.
Design schedules. Modify curriculum. Import digital pictures. Make photo albums. And much, much more. . .

3 Boardmaker Templates Boardmaker comes with calendar templates that are ready to use. Just add symbols and print out your calendar. It comes in Boardmaker

4 Templates Tech/Talk sample
It comes in Boardmaker Boardmaker has over 185 templates that fit a variety of communication devices. Tech/Talk sample

5 More templates DigiVox sample
Templates come in a variety of sizes and shapes. All are ready to have symbols added. It comes in Boardmaker DigiVox sample

6 If you don't have the template, download from the web.
More Templates Boardmaker has templates that fit the a variety of display items. Good way to increase communication in the community. Just add symbols If you don't have the template, download from the web.

7 Boardmaker Schedule Templates
If you don't have the template, download from the web. If you use schedules, Boardmaker provides 7 schedule templates that are ready to have symbols added. It comes in Boardmaker 1st page of 8-step schedule

8 More Schedule Templates
Boardmaker Schedules come in several styles. Use the templates or design a schedule template of your own. It comes in Boardmaker Ready to have symbols added

9 Create your own schedules
Design schedules to fit a variety of activities that will take students through the day.

10 Designing with Boardmaker
Design an I.E.P. form. Use Boardmaker to create a template to communicate student progress.

11 Customizing Curriculum
Make worksheets, reading activities, writing activities, and more. With Boardmaker, they can be simple or complex as you want them to be.

12 More Customizing School Fonts Create writing activities by using School Fonts for Beginning Writers and/or Transitional Fonts for Emergent Writers. Both programs work with Boardmaker or any other word processing program. Transitional Fonts

13 Designing with Boardmaker
Make picture directions for the classroom or home.

14 Designing with Boardmaker
This is amazing! Customize books by using Boardmaker to make sentence strips. Hint: Use Avery Removable Full Sheet Label Paper #6465. Symbols can usually be removed without damaging the paper.

15 Designing with Boardmaker
Make your own PECs or PCS cards. Make a 2” grid, add symbols, print, cut apart and laminate. It’s so easy!

16 Designing with Boardmaker
Make your own flash cards and picture cards. Make the cards any size or style you want. fold

17 Designing with Boardmaker
You can even make recipe cards.

18 Designing with Boardmaker
Make classroom signs. These can be used to inform about class activities or to give directions.

19 Creating with Boardmaker
Make books. Create games and song boards.

20 Creating with Boardmaker
Create your own picture and/or photo library. Import digital and/or scanned photos directly into Boardmaker and use them to customize items for the class. Mrs. Murphy melon

21 Creating with Boardmaker
Scan images from fast food restaurant menus. Use scanned images to create a picture menu of favorite fast food restaurant items.

22 Designing with Boardmaker
Make a photo album or class newsletter. Take pictures of classroom activities, import them into BM to use anyway you want. WOW!

23 Designing with Boardmaker
Make a place mat. Customize any place mat with symbols or design your own with construction paper and laminate for durability.

24 Extra Boardmaker Symbols
Add to your symbol collection using addendum libraries. The 1998 library features a large number of animal and food symbols. Over 700 symbols 1998 Addendum

25 Extra Boardmaker Symbols
The 2000 addendum features a new public sign category as well as an extensive geography symbol library. Over 1100 symbols 2000 Addendum

26 Extra Boardmaker Symbols
The new 2002 Addendum library features a new behavior symbol category and more bathroom skills symbols. Over 1000 symbols 2002 Addendum

27 Extra Boardmaker Symbols
Boardmaker has sign language symbols to add to your BM libraries. Vol. I Over 700 Symbols Vol. II Vol. III Over 750 Symbols Over 730 Symbols

28 Extra Boardmaker Symbols
Best Quality Picture This. . .for Boardmaker. These photos have been scaled to 2-inches to match BM symbol size. This library will add over 2700 photos to your BM library. Photos look best at 2-inches, quality lessens as the photo is enlarged.

29 Print ‘n Play 50 ready to print bingo and mystery games Mystery Game

30 Makes a great low-tech device
Print ‘n Communicate 21 communication boards that are great for children and adults. Makes a great low-tech device Print ‘n Eat 50 communication boards covering favorite fast food restaurants.

31 Engineering Preschool Displays
4 different display formats are available. Easy to customize! Flip ‘n Talk Low-tech solution providing access to a large symbol vocabulary.

32 Print ‘n Learn Thematic 25 topics Community 5 units

33 Digital Photo Programs
Picture This. . . Picture This…Pro Photo Objects Big Box of Art Photo Objects Big Box of Art Picture This... Picture This...Pro

34 Have fun designing with Boardmaker

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