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Welcome Class of 2028 Parents Your journey begins!

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1 Welcome Class of 2028 Parents Your journey begins!

2 Our Evening’s Agenda 0 6:00-6:25 Information session 0 6:25-6:35 time for group questions 0 6:35-6:55 available for tour/ pick up materials/available for questions

3 Who is here? 0 Mr. Poston: principal 0 Ms. Chicchi: assistant principal 0 Ms. Brick: school counselor

4 Stars of our show! 0 Kindergarten Teachers 0 Ms. Tracy Mckee 0 Mr. Dennis Baker 0 Ms. Colleen D’Angelo 0 Ms. Mary Clark 0 Ms. Ann Koontz

5 Is your child ready 0 Shares with others. Plays cooperatively with other children. Separates from parents without being upset. Begins to control oneself. Starts to follow rules. Takes care of self care needs - bathroom, dressing, zipping, buttoning, etc. Listens to stories with interest. Looks at pictures and then tells stories. 0 Sorts similar objects by color, shape, and size. Recognizes groups of one to five objects. Counts to ten. Bounces a ball.

6 Is your child ready…cont 0 Recognizes rhyming sounds - nursery rhymes. Pays attention for short periods of time to adult directed tasks. Has a general sense of time of day. Cuts with scissors. Traces. Speaks understandably in complete sentences of up to five or six words. Identifies rhyming words orally. Identifies the beginning sounds of some words orally. Identifies some letters of the alphabet.

7 First few days 0 Students will have a “staggered start” to provide a smaller less overwhelming atmosphere as they start school. 0 Please be ready to “Kiss and Go” on the first day

8 First few weeks 0 Students will be assessed to determine their reading and math abilities. 0 Parents will be informed of where their student is and also a plan will be developed for any students that are not at beginning of Kindergarten grade level. 0 The plan will consist of home and school interventions to help the students perform on grade level.

9 Academic Information 0 Reading Curriculum 0 Writing Curriculum 0 Math Curriculum 0 Science/Social Studies curriculum

10 Behavioral/Social Emotional Expectations 0 Students will need to sit and listen for 15-20 minutes 0 Students will need to follow all adult directions with out arguing or refusing 0 Students will need to be able to play and work well with other students 0 Students should keep hands and feet to themselves at all times 0 Students will need to be able to try new things and do some things on their own. 0 Students will need to be respectful to adults with their tone of voice body language and verbal communication.

11 Positive Behavior Intervention System 0 PAWS will help guide and teach your student how to follow expectations so they can access the curriculum. 0 The first few weeks of school will center on students learning the school routine, how to behave appropriately and what to do in all areas of the school. 0 Students will be motivated through verbal praise, announcements and a daily paw count. 0 Please help reinforce at home.

12 Transportation 0 Buses 0 Car Riders 0 Walkers 0 Transportation Changes

13 Attendance/On time 0 Very important for students to be here and on time 0 Helps instill a sense of the importance of school 0 Children will transition easier into their routine 0 Saundra Gardner: school social worker

14 Cafeteria 0 Lunch times 0 Money for lunch 0 Having lunch with your child

15 Safety and Security 0 Doors locked at 8am 0 Will need to come to front office and be “buzzed in” 0 All visitors must check in at office and have badge 0 Students will only be dismissed with adults on pick up list 0 Background checks

16 Preparing Over Summer 0 Continue to read to your child every day. There are several good books that focus on kindergarten you might want to read. Some favorites are Miss Bindergarten Kindergarten books, Countdown to Kindergarten, The Night Before Kindergarten.kindergarten 0 Over the summer, visit and play on the school playground with your child. It will help him/her begin to feel comfortable with his/her school (especially since many children say recess and play time are their favorites!).

17 Cont… 0 Play games together like Candyland, Uno, Memory Game, Go Fish, etc. to help your child learn how to play cooperatively, take turns, and lose gracefully. 0 Practice self-help skills with your child: using the bathroom, washing hands, blowing his/her nose, sneezing and coughing into his/her arm (not hand), and dressing (buttons, zippers, snaps, and buckles). Many children still need help with dressing skills, especially in winter with snow clothes as well as tying shoes. 0 Use public restrooms so the school bathroom will not seem as scary.

18 Cont…. 0 Writing their name 0 Recognizing letters 0 Recognizing shapes

19 Summer Packet 0 DVD all about PES with some practice with letter sounds, shapes and book print awareness. 0 Letter flash cards 0 Number flash cards 0 Sight word list

20 Questions 0 Group question time. Questions about procedures, policies, etc. Please no individual child questions at this time.

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