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Goals of Foreign Policy

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1 Goals of Foreign Policy
Unit 3

2 Goals of Foreign Policy
National Security Free and Open International Trade Promoting Democracy World Peace Concern For Human Rights

3 National Security Protecting our nation and its borders from foreign invaders It includes policies about: Arms control Terrorism Weapons of mass destruction National Security is the most important goal of the U.S.

4 Under the United Nations (UN) Charter, after an international act of aggression has been verified, the U.N. Security Council is responsible for recommending how the United Nations should respond to that act of aggression. Part A What is one non-military measure the U.N. Security Council might suggest? Part B What is one military measure the U.N. Security Council could recommend?

5 Countries with significant power in global politics can affect the public perception and the economy of other countries. Part A How does the use of sanctions exert political influence on a country with a poor human rights record? Part B How does the use of an embargo apply pressure to a country with a poor human rights record?

6 Free and Open International Trade
We need to maintain free trade with other countries in order to: Employ Americans Obtain natural resources Maintain a peaceful relationship with other countries

7 Part A Why was the World Trade Organization (WTO) established
Part A Why was the World Trade Organization (WTO) established? Part B Describe how the WTO has helped foster greater global interdependence.

8 Promoting Democracy We have encouraged and helped other nations form democratic political systems because: We believe the democracy is the freest and best political system in the world Having other countries that are democratic will reduce the chances of armed conflict

9 World Peace If other nations are at peace, then the U.S. has less of a chance of being drawn into a conflict Our own national security depends on our ability to maintain peaceful relations with other nations

10 Concern For Human Rights
We encourage basic human rights for all citizens of the world and ensure that all people are treated with dignity and respect We have done this by providing food, medical supplies, and disaster relief This foreign aid helps support developing nations, promotes our friendship, and provides political stability

11 Tools of Foreign Policy
The methods that the U.S. uses to carry out its foreign policy goals It includes: Military Force Alliances Diplomacy Foreign Aid Trade Measures Intelligence

12 Military Used to defend against foreign aggressors
Used to discourage aggression


14 Create Five Multiple Choice Questions, from Unit 3-foreign policy, with 4 possible answers-one being the only one that is correct. You may use a book, your notes, or worksheet. Refer to the structure of questions from the bell work questions-do not copy them. No all of the above or none of the above. This assignment is worth 50pts. You will be graded on the level of difficulty of the questions.

15 Alliances A group of nations that come together to promote: Peace
Economic relationships NAFTA Security NATO

16 Diplomacy Communication and negotiation between nations that may help resolve disagreements This can often lead to treaties or alliances

17 Foreign Aid Economic Aid Giving loans or grants
Help developing countries develop an infrastructure (roads, power, water) Help rebuild after a war or natural disaster Humanitarian Aid Give food, shelter, and clothing after a disaster Offer help for political prisoners and refugees Provide medicine and training for health care

18 Trade Measures Sanctions –
A formal type of punishment created by your country’s government You stop providing another country with aid, food, medicine, trade, etc. Embargos - A formal type of economic sanction created by your country’s government Formally prohibits the businesses from a country from trading with a particular nation

19 Trade Measures Boycotts – These are not started by the government
Citizens of a nation informally decide to stop buying goods from another country

20 Intelligence The U.S. uses information gathered from satellites, news, ambassadors, spies, etc. to help protect our citizens and infrastructure

21 Propaganda One-sided information used by the government with the purpose of persuading its citizens or the citizens of another nation

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