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Symbols Of Scotland.

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1 Symbols Of Scotland

2 Symbols: Kilts and tartans Christian Apostle Andrew
The motto of Scotland Scottish flag The coat of arms and the standard Thistle Unicorn Bagpipes

3 Kilts and tartans The color of a kilt depends on a clan a man belongs to. For example, if you belong to the Mackenzie clan you must wear a kilt with blue and green colours.

4 Apostle Andrew St. Andrew, whose power according to historical data was transferred to one of Scottish towns,where he is buried today, is considered to be one of the greatest patrons saint of Scotland. According to the legend, the apostle was crucified on the cross of an unusual form. It was in the form of letter X. that is why the Scottish flag of St. Andrew is based on the specific form of this crucifiction and has got the name of the murdered apostle – St. Andrew's cross and became the national flag of SCOTLAND.

5 The motto of Scotland A motto sounds so: «IN MY DEFENDS GOD ME DEFEND!» nobody DEFEATS THE SCOTS.

6 Scottish flag THE WHITE CROSS ON a BLUE FIELD Represents THE Christian APOSTLE and martyr St. ANDREW AND IS CALLED BANNER Of SCOTLAND. The x-shaped cross first appeared in the kingdom of Scotland in 1180 during the reign of William I.

7 The coat of arms and the standard
a scarlet lion is represented on a yellow background, it's situated in a red double scope with lilies.

8 Thistle Thistle Became the emblem of Scotland in 990 during a battle. According to the legend scots knew about approaching of their enemies, because one of them unfortunately stood on the spiny plant and shrieked out in pain. Thistle symbolizes the courage and independence of Scots.

9 Unicorn An unicorn often appears as the symbol of Scotland.
Nobody knows why it became so. According to legend a unicorn was considered a very dangerous beast and depicted Scottish character very well.

10 Bagpipe It’s the National musical instrument of Scotland. It Sounds in every city of this country. No holiday is celebrated without playing bagpipes. The history of this instrument is very ancient. It’s usually produced with leather covered with the traditional tartan cloth. Only men are able to play this instrument, because it demands much power and physical strength.

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